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Dreamwalkers Characters - "BP"
Graphictruth at 11:58AM, July 29, 2009
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Betty-Pauline is the most enigmatic of all the Dreamwalkers, but she has certain traits or abilities that are consistent across all realities.

First, her ability to remain un-noticed. This is true even in what she refers to as “meatlife” and she is the absolute terror of staff and subordinates anywhere she goes, because it's quite possible she's sitting in a corner or standing right behind you just when you say something or do something that you'd very much prefer she not know about.

Worse yet, it's quite possible she won't let you know she knows until much later. Despite this, she's generally well-liked. She tries to avoid politics and drama, but those who insist on playing that game with her find out quickly she's utterly ruthless, both on her own behalf and on the behalf of her people.

In “Meatlife” it's a trait. In Dreamlife, it's very much an ability. She can be unseen even if she's right in front of you.

She expects absolute professionalism from subordinates and colleagues alike; generally, people try to live up to her expectations.

She spreads rumors, but only about herself. They all seem wildly improbable and contradictory, and the wildest are, of course, largely true.

In Meatlife, she's in her early 40's and in good shape. While dreamwalking, she seems ageless, but otherwise identical - something that is very rare. Most people vary wildly in terms of their waking appearance and their self image, which is what appears in dreams.

She always wears some form of the classic Sassoon Bob, although it varies. She's quite fond of wigs, so if her hair is suddenly longer or a different color, it's not unusual at all.

She dresses very conservatively when in any official capacity, while in private, or in BDSM-related circumstances, she is an elegant fetishist. When she's in the Dark Castle, and it's not a formal occasion, her most common outfit while dreamwalking is black leather chaps, a leather vest with many inside pockets, leather slippers and occasionally, gloves.

This crotchless attire is designed to make people uncomfortable and to demonstrate that being uncovered does not mean either “vulnerable” or “available” by definition. She's a sadist, of course, but lives by a very strong ethical code.

BP messes with people's heads on all levels, all the time, pretty much by reflex and builds a very good working knowledge of the people around her by reading their reactions to her little provocations, subtle and overt.

She has an extensive collection of antique torture equipment - in both realities.

She's (now) a credentialed Psycopharmacologist - which is to say, she's a doctor, plus a psychiatrist plus she's specialized in understanding psychotropic drugs. It's a rare and important specialty, which means she can afford pretty much whatever she wants.

In dreamlife, she's a powerful Healer. Her nails are very sharp, capable of slipping into flesh as painlessly as she desires, and each has an organic injector, each of which can be loaded with a different substance. In other words, she's a walking pharmacy.

She's a good martial artist in all realities; not exceptional, but far better than most, of a rank qualified to teach. She uses a blend of styles.

She often carries a 12' blacksnake whip, which she's unerringly accurate with. She practices with 14' and 21' singletail whips of various styles, but doesn't yet feel accurate enough with them to carry them routinely.

Her definition of “accurate enough” is to behead a rosebud, every single time, without removing any leaves.

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oldguy85 at 10:22PM, Sept. 23, 2009
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Betty-Pauline sounds like a cool character and I really need to get through the arcs, but I'm in so many right now as well as other projects. Hmmm
Cool art style. almost like charcoal. See Ya in the funnies too!
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