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Dreamwalkers Charactors - Fluff and Fury
Graphictruth at 7:32PM, July 14, 2009
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This thread introduces various characters from the Dreamwalkers universe.
Our first subject is “Fluff.”

Fluff is a shape-shifter within the dream reality, but not remarkably so. She simply … grows. She goes from about 90 lbs to about 220 of explosive power.

I haven't done a proper reference sketch yet as - well, she objects. In the comic and in other art, she's never clearly seen; always a nightmare shadow preference. And frankly, I think it works better that way.

She gains a third eye and she loses one finger on each hand - actually, the two smallest fingers merge into one powerful one with a very sharp nail (not claw).

Fluff fights in a very soft Tiger/Monkey

Fury's fighting style is a mixture of Tiger and Dragon - medium hard. If that makes sense to you, you should be able to depict it well enough. Essentially, she likes to leap into the fray and fight at extremely close range.

Powers - rapid regeneration, the ability to regenerate others - either one from the “cellular residue” level - of course, only within the dream reality. Or so we believe, so far.

Also, she has the ability to “walk through walls.” And while she should not be able to teleport in “Real Life” - and doesn't THINK she can - she certainly manages to find doors and shortcuts that nobody else can.

Within the dream reality, she can step into a wall and step out of any other wall, anywhere, as long as she has a fix on where she's going or who she's looking for.

Personality-wise, Fluff is a fluff-muffin; adorable, playful, extraordinarily sexual. Fury, on the other hand, is a personification of rage, and only manifests when in the presence of evil, or when Fluff is terrified.
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