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gio at 5:00PM, May 22, 2009
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Welcome everybody to my forum for my manga Eternal! There's alot of crazy things coming up that I can't wait to get to. I recently went through some brain surgery, and recently, I've returned to trying to ink new pages :) Here is one of them now:

Shot at 2009-05-15

I still have to add tone and letter the next three pages. This page you see, is page 118 in my upcoming Volume One (Chamber One) of my manga Eternal. :) That's right everybody! My first book is coming out soon! :D 122 page of Eternal :) Here are a few things that the book will have that you won't find anywhere else on the net.

1. Unreleased colored 2 page spreads!
2. CG colored title pages for Sessions 1 and 2!
3. Character sheets of the main characters and some of the villians! Full color! :D

To get an idea of how my CG's and coloring look, here is one of my more recent CG's

Shot at 2009-04-23

Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming book :D It should be a pretty wild ride :)

Here is a link to where Eternal can be read here on Drunk Duck so you guys can get caught up on the action :) :
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