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Joneko at 7:33PM, June 21, 2009
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Wanted to put this up, especially since I recently received a surprised compliment on having actually adhered to a decent update schedule. Until recently, sorry. Getting fixed. Hamelin is usually updated on Saturday, but due to a few factors it will be going up on Tuesday this week.

1.) Apparently, while I don't draw with my left hand, having it in a cast does make drawing more difficult. You don't realize how much and how subtly you use something until you can't. So, the work is taking longer than it usually does.

2.) Never keep salad dressing in the fridge in the same cardboard soup cup the diner gave it to you in and then use it a day or two later. Those cardboard covers that come with them, with that tiny hole in the top to let out steam/heat? That means it's not airtight. And yeah, we won't go any further than that but suffice to say I'm not very smart and it is unpleasant.

3.) The wake and the funeral, which were Thursday and Saturday respectively, have taken away a little of that kick to do things.

4.) Father's Day means I'm spending time with Dad rather than holing up drawing. Especially with a friend losing her father three days before.

5.) Monday will be, of course, work, and my patron friend won't be coming out here as planned, which means I'll be able to pretty much devote the work day to finishing the page.

Thanks muchly for understanding.

I've set the comic to ‘homepage’ view for the purposes of this blog post being seen, but come Monday evening I'll change it back so it will go straight to the new page on Tuesday. Figure it's easier to comment on/directly view pages that way. After this, Hamelin SHOULD resume the Saturday update schedule, as that seems to be what we've all gotten used to.

Also, once again, my general art/personal space is – whenever something is up, this is where it usually gets mentioned, and it's probably an easier way to keep track of what's going on with Hamelin, as I've heard this whole homepage view thing is kind of annoying and who really cares about the blog? Also, Twitter, though that's less about Hamelin per se and more…uh…randomness.
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