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Welcome and hello.
taradaga at 3:31AM, May 29, 2009
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As the title of the topic says: Welcome and hello to the creatively titled “Good Taste Forum”. I suppose I should come up with something clever to call it. Like “Good Taste in Forums”, but let's not go CRAZY here. Oh man.

So please take a moment to introduce yourselves! Where are y'all from? What are your hobbies and interests? Are you a wise-cracking side kick? How'd you come upon Good Taste? Do you have a comic of your own? (Please plug!) Who's your favourite character from GT? Favourite page?

Inquiring minds want to know!

I'll start: Hello, I'm Tara. I'm from Canada, just outside of Toronto. I'll be moving back home in a month or so where I will get crap jobs and try to support my love of comics, writing, cartoons and music listening. YAY!

My favourite character is Spencer Cleery. Don't ask me why, exactly, he's a terrible person! My favourite to draw is Miss Mary with those big blue eyes of hers. My least favourite to draw is Four because he's pretty undistinguished, and so difficult to capture. Most rewarding character to draw when I get it right! But difficult.

Cheers and thanks for reading!
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iMimi at 2:00PM, May 31, 2009
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My name is “Mimi”, but my real name is Shanese Stewart. I'm 13 years old, and I'm an Aries, born in March 31st. I hate to say it, but I'm a bit conceited about my looks-when you get complimented so much for them, I guess you think you're “the beauty queen”. xD I'm African American, but I'm mixed with Caribbean descent. I live in Brooklyn, New York, but I dream of moving to the suburbs when I grow up. I draw boys love comics xD, but I also support yuri.

I came across GT as an accident! I actually was a supporter of LTYM, but I lost the link and the author (never faved, dearie me). Then I saw your icon on someone's comic (it was the blue fly icon), and said, “Holy shit-that's the cute guy from LTYM!” But I still didn't read GT. THEN it got featured. I finally read it, and I love it. It's better, plot-wise, than LTYM, and I love how all of the characters have diverse features :D
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taradaga at 6:13PM, May 31, 2009
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YAR! Thanks Mimi for posting about yourself, SOMEONE OTHER THAN ME POSTED IN MY FORUMS, I am forever blessed.

Aw thankye! That's funny because I've been critisized that the faces aren't very different in GT - something I'm still working on!! I suppose that goes to show you can't take a critique lying down because someone else is bound to think differently. I think they have different enough faces, too. I'll try even more at it, as well!

Thanks for reading!

I really like your comics as well. Your art is way excellent, you should keep it up, you'll be phenomenal by the time you're my age. :p *back creaks*
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