The Wilds Timeline (The History Of The Wilds)
Hunchdebunch at 6:21AM, July 20, 2009
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So I've been working on a timeline of the events that have happened in The Wilds (not just what happens in Last Of The Wilds, because really that is only a small part of it's history :) ) and those of you who enjoy reading Last Of The Wilds will be pleased to know that the timeline offers me plenty of inspiration for other comics about The Wilds. There are 2 events which could definately be made into comics. Also, at the moment, the events in Last Of The Wilds are the most recent events on the timeline, meaning the next comics I make about The Wilds will almost certainly be about events prior to those in Last Of The Wilds. These events include the discovery and founding of the wilds, and The Great War, which is mentioned in the beginning of Last Of The Wilds. Anyway, I won't babble on anymore lol, I hope that you are as pleased about the prospect of more comics about The Wilds as I am :)
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