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What is Heroes Alliance?
Abt_Nihil at 4:00AM, July 22, 2009
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Heroes Alliance is a Heroes Unite spin-off, a community project for all creators/writers/artists interested in superhero webcomics.

The aim of this project is to create connected and/or stand-alone stories featuring team-ups of existing characters from superhero webcomics. (If you're unfamiliar with it, please have a look at Heroes Unite first to see what I have in mind. I have written and coordinated two chapters for HU featuring over a dozen characters from different webcomics, and I received great contributions from a host of talented artists.)

In order to achieve this aim we need YOU.

You've got a character, a group or whole universe of characters? A story or an idea? You would like to write stories or provide art? You're willing to share your characters, have them team up with other creators' characters and introduce them into a whole new universe?

Then please post in the corresponding threads!

HA is supposed to be less hierarchical than HU was. Your submitting your characters or your applying for writing or art duties won't mean that you'll necessarily be assigned pages right away; rather, it means that anyone who'd like to work with you or your characters will have the chance to do so! So, everyone is encouraged to be as proactive as possible, and if they'd like to tell stories or provide art or characters, they will have the best chance to do so by approaching other like-minded artists/writers. It's the community aspect that makes it all happen!
However, there will still be “main chapters”, just like on HU, which will be handled in a more hierarchical way: you can apply to participate and the writer/editor will include your characters and/or assign pages to you.

So, basically there are two general formats for HA stories:
(1) Chapters which are more akin to classic HU chapters, with as many characters as possible, an overarching continuity (dealing with HA as a team or organization), and a rotating staff of artists, and
(2) Team-ups, which can concentrate on fewer characters, don't have to deal with continuity (except for a basic coherence with the other stories). These can be shorter stories, and may be handled by one artist (but that's open for writers and artists to negotiate). These would resemble the “HU Adventures”, but they're not restricted to 4 pages like HUA were.

EDIT 5/27/10:

You'd like to work on HA as a writer? Here's what you can do:

You can either write a crossover story using HA characters (or at least, potential/future HA characters), get approval from each creator to use their characters, and find an artist or more who are willing to work on it. Being the admin of HA I need to know what I can roughly expect, but I won't read finished scripts before they have a chance of being done at all. So anyone who'd like to go this route should pitch the story to me in a rough, condensed version first, or at least get another already established HA contributor excited about it.

The other basic option is: You want as many contributors as possible, and you'd like to have your story discussed. Then you post a rough outline here on the forums - preferrably in the stories/storylines thread before opening a new forum thread.
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