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Razor Candy
ifelldownthestairs at 2:13PM, Sept. 11, 2010
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Hark and I both felt this was not balancing story and humor strip styles very well, but we had different opinions on where it should go - Hark suggested more focus on the story, while I leaned more toward the humor (given our main comics, I guess that should be no surprise…). What do you guys think?
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Plague Doctor at 8:13AM, Sept. 12, 2010
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I remember reading this comic before
Despite being MS Paint,the art seemed to be improving in the later parts
But the most annoying part was that the artist has trouble drawing things in motion,like fight scenes and teleporting,and I would just stare 15 seconds in a page trying to figure out what the heck was going on

The humor wasn't really that funny to me,I did smile at times,but somethimes there were refrences I didn't get,so I couldn't get the joke.
It was ok overall

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harkovast at 6:01AM, Sept. 13, 2010
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The thing with this comic is that it doesn't really work, but it comes far far closer to working then you would expect at first glance.
While it does need to improve, there is a lot here to work with and build upon.
Sadly I am hearing talk that it may have been abandoned, so that potential may never be realised.

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