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Omega Justice
ifelldownthestairs at 3:01PM, Sept. 24, 2009
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Neither Hark or myself were terribly impressed with Omega Justice. Every quality is just too average, and we suggested to try and improve on something until an element DOES stand out. Anyone care to offer their thoughts?
you know why birds don't write their memoirs? because birds don't lead epic lives, that's why. who'd want to read what a bird does? nobody. that's who.
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harkovast at 4:45AM, Sept. 25, 2009
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The art was okay. It was variable in quality and mostly nothing special, but in places it was pretty good.
It was mostly the confused, nonsensical story line that pissed me off.
Also I didn't like the sudden tonal shift from war to light hearted slap stick.
It felt like someone slamed on the breaks with such a sudden and sharp swing in styles.

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