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Chen-Chen is a young Tsung-Dao nun, who was sent out to find the Shogun to help defeat the bandit gangs that were plaguing her home town of Xhou-Sen.
Chen-Chen is kind hearted, but also very brave. She is a master of the Sliding Mountain Kung-Fu style which allows her to block heavy blows or sharp objects with her bare arms, and retaliate with devastating force.
Chen-Chen has little knowledge of any culture other then her own (her journey to find Shogun being the first time she has left her home town), but does her best to be respectful of the practices of others.
Though very reserved and polite, she is considered out going and gregarious by the very formal Tsung-Dao. She is still well liked, with stories of her silly behaviour
being a source of much entertainment.


Shogun was born a Darsai, known as Turlon and for some time lived as a pirate and adventurer on the high seas. He was known to be dashing, brave, charasmatic and fun loving individuals. Under license from the King he would lead raiding parties against the Darsai's enemies.
He was critically injured in a battle with The Avatar, The Evil of Life, during the First Nameless War. It was during this battle that he lost his left forearm.
This defeat made him embittered and he turned his back on the Darsai way of life, and sort out a way to become a powerful enough warrior to defeat even the mightiest servants of the West.
He studied the ways of the Tsung-Dao and eventually became recognised by them as a samurai of remarkable power. In time he earned the rank of Shogun, the title by which he is now known.
Shogun is certainly one of the mightiest living Samurai, but he has also become a brooding and conflicted figure, plagued by his own self doubt and insecurity about never truly being a Tsung-Dao. This has caused him to become hard hearted and bitter, curt in his dealings with others (or at worst out and out hostile) and resentful of any Darsai he meets.
Shogun is merciless in battle, wielding a deadly magical sword known as the hidden fang and his mechanical hand. This marvel was built by the enigmatic Lel, though their motive for doing so is, like everything about the Lel, shrouded in mystery. His only weakness is his own anger and aggression which can lead his to exercise poor judgement.

Lon-Pa:The Heretic

Lon-Pa was once a Tsung-Dao monk, but even back then he only truly cared about accumulating power at all costs. He believes that the Tsung-Dao are naturally the strongest and wisest of all races, and so it is only natural that they should achieve dominance over other, lesser peoples. He sees the current, peaceful, cooperative Tsung-Dao society as weak and designed to hold them back from their true potential. Most importantly, he considers himself as the natural leader of this new way for his people.
These ideas go against the mind set of the other Tsung-Dao so sharply that it has led them to call him The Heretic, a title he now carries as a badge of honour among his minions.
He has come under the sway of The Speaker, and acts as one of his most dangerous agents. The Heretic now works to recruit disenfranchised Tsung-Dao warriors into his ideology. His followers call themselves the Tang-Dao (the name the Tsung-Dao were known by in ancient times, when they were a more violent and savage race). At the moment they operate as bandits, backed by large numbers of Junlock mercenaries and thugs, but their numbers are growing steadily.
The Heretic is a fearsome fighter in hand to hand combat, using his mastery of the martial arts to achieve super human feats.


Despite his armour and helmet, Don-Yang lacked the discipline to be trained as a Samurai. He is a crude and violent thug, who follows the Heretic out of a desire for personal wealth rather then because of any ideological belief.
Though over weight, he is strong and aggressive in battle, and is careful to only pick fights he is confident he can win.
The Heretic holds him in very low regard, but trusts him more then his Junlock minions, so places him in command of bands of them for raiding travellers.

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The Heretic's right hand woman and most dedicated follower.
Reng-Lo is a dangerous warrior, made doubly so because she is a true believer in the Heretic's cause. In her view, anything is acceptable if it furthers the aims of the Tang-Dao.
In battle she wears a frightening white mask, like the Tang-Dao warriors of old.


This massive Tang-Dao warrior is a powerful minion of the Heretic, acting as one of his top enforcers to keep their Junlock allies in line.
His great size and fighting prowess make him arrogant about his abilities and the Heretics ideas of Tsung-Dao exceptionalism appeal to his vanity.
He often wears a fearsome Tang-Dao war mask.


Don-Hen is a young and impressionable samurai who has fallen under The Heretics sway. His naivety about the outside world has made him easy for The Heretic to recruit, winning him over with simplistic solutions to perceived injustices.
Don-Hen still dresses in his samurai armour, as he has only recently joined the Tang-Dao and has yet to adopt their style of dress.


Han-Lin is a member of the Heretic's gang. She is very loyal, though can be over zealous in carrying out her duties. Even by the standards of the Tang-Dao, she is extremely racist towards non-Dao races, hardly even hiding her contempt when speaking with them.

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Shan-Zu has been Chen-Chen's best friend since they were children and is very protective of Chen-Chen, who she considers to be very sweet but a bit of a push over. This protective nature made her well suited to becoming a samurai, the defenders of the Tsung-Dao.
She takes herself very seriously, and does not like to be mocked…especially not about her growing romantic interest in Shogun.


Lon-Sing is an veteran samurai, who trained both Shan-Zu and Tau-Feng. He is fearsome in battle due to his great size, and wields a fearsome dragon headed hammer. Recently though, his leg was injured fighting with Junlock minions of the Heretic during the First Battle of Xou-Sen. His bad leg is bandaged and strapped into place, greatly reducing his mobility. Despite this, Lon-Sing continues to lead patrols to protect the village he loves.
Lon-Sing views Tau-Feng as the son he never had and always does his best to keep the young samurai out of trouble (with mixed success.)


Tau-Feng has worked very hard to become a samurai warrior like Lon-Sing (who raised him after his parents were killed in the Nameless War when Tau-Feng was very young.)Tau-Feng is albino, and so has no pigment in his body. Because of this he has pale yellow skin, very bright red eyes and poor eyesight at a distance. His eyes are also sensitive to bright lights so he wears special goggles when he goes out in the day time. Knowing that he is at a disadvantage compared to other warriors, Tau-Feng always tries extremely hard to prove himself. This makes him hard working and very brave, but can also lead him to make rash judgments and rush into situations without thinking.

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Sang-Chen is a friend of Chen-Chen who lives in Xou-Sen.
She is married and pregnant with her first child.
She has a sly sense of humour and enjoys getting a rise out of Shan-Zu.


Lon-Tai is revered master amongst the nuns of Xou-Sen and due to her level headed decision making is often treated as the de facto leader of the town (though this is not in any way an official rank.)
She is calm and patient, never rushing into a decision until it has been meditated on it carefully.
She was a teacher to Shan-Zu and Chen-Chen when they were growing up, and is sometimes exasperated by Chen-Chen's exuberance.


Sao-Lynn is a shy young woman, living in Xou-Sen.
While well meaning, she is a often absent minded in doing her chores.

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