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shastab24 at 4:41PM, March 2, 2010
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Hello, Ave here.

I had the idea for this contest a long time ago. In fact, it was about the time that I was watching the second season of Who Wants to be a Superhero. What struck me is that none of these people had a chance to actually write or draw their own characters in the end, and that a true test of the greatness of a hero is seen in their stories and decided by the people. Of course, there is no way that could be a TV series, so it made more sense as an online contest.

There is a problem inherent in this system, however. I have no means of compensation. It's still the problem, and the reason why I think this contest will probably languish for a while. But I won't be discouraged. Just because my contacts are weak does not mean I can't strengthen them and get people going on this. Who knows? I might find a benefactor that is ready to offer a prize to the winner (this is the cue for anybody who can offer a publishing deal, movie offers, big fat wads of money, etc.). All I can offer right now is the challenge, fun and exposure.

If you have a desire to enter this contest, go to the forums and you'll find where to sign up. I accept superheroes or supervillains, as long as they are your property and not an unauthorized fan character or just somebody else's character. They can be parody, serious, or whatever. As well, keep in mind that many manga characters qualify, in my mind. After all, what are Dragon Ball and Naruto, but stories about super-powered kids who fights to save the world (it's not their primary motivation, but does the Hulk go out looking to squash evil on a daily basis?)?

And artists, I understand the plethora of styles out there, and say you shouldn't be discouraged with your style. Due to the time constraints, some styles may be harder than others (CGI and photo comics come to mind as ones that could take a little time), but if you feel you can pump them out, go for it. After all, this is a great way to stretch your art and possibly show people that your style can be a part of a medium with which it is not commonly associated.

In the near future I hope to have recruited more people to be a part of this project, and I hope to issue multiple “seasons”. I hope to see some great participation in a project I have a feeling would be entertaining.
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