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A Plot Summary
El Cid at 6:33PM, April 20, 2010
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Fine, so nobody knows what the hell’s going on in my stupid comic. Fine! I don’t care! Doesn’t hurt my feelings! (*sniffle*) So this is going to be a quick wrap-up of where the story is right now. It’s not going to be a play-by-play synopsis, but this brief summary should be enough to help you get your bearings.

First of all, about the plot structure: This comic has several little mini storylines running concurrently, all of which are interconnected in some way. To a certain degree, it’s necessary to understand the oddball characters and what motivates them in order to fully “get” what’s going on, so I’ve already created a character profiles section where you can get more acquainted with the cast (note, at the time of this writing, that section is incomplete, but I plan on adding to it as time goes on). I think that, since the story is made up of multiple plots, it will be slightly less disorienting if I explain each plot separately, rather than trying to tell right away how Plot A ties into Plot B and so forth. Okay, so here we go…


…Those two hooker chicks? Carmen and Angie have been “arrested” by two corrupt police officers, Otis and Earl (all of these characters are already in the Character Profile section if you want to read up on them), who then sold them into sex slavery under the nefarious Madame Poppycock. That is, in a nutshell, their predicament as of right now. Now there is also a backstory in that Angie’s ex-boyfriend Darren is trying to mend their relationship after she dumped him for his philandering ways. But we’ll have more on that in just a minute.

…That black guy and the Nazi bitch? Darren is Angie’s ex-boyfriend. He’s also a semi-professional hitman. At the beginning of the comic he and his best friend A.J. attempt to assassinate a small-time crime boss by the name of Toad, but the hit goes terribly awry with A.J. getting killed and Darren being taken hostage by Toad and his thugs. Lucky for Darren, he gets rescued by Shannon, who’s actually a friend of Angie’s.

I should probably stop now to explain that both of these characters, Darren and Shannon, are characters from previous comics of mine which you probably haven’t read. I won’t get super in-depth about any of that because it isn’t necessary, but I will give a quick re-cap for you. You really don’t need to know much of anything about Shannon except that she’s friends with Carmen and Angie (they all first met in my comic “Sex & Candy,“ which I consider my best comic to-date, but I still haven’t worked up the courage to post it here because the artwork’s so crappy). Oh, and she’s a psycho killer bitch who reeeeally likes guns. As for Darren, his falling out with Angie was detailed in another comic called “Lovesnot.” The particulars are way too quirky to get into, but he cheated on Angie with Carmen during a threeway (it makes sense if you read the comic). That’s why he has that flashback of Angie walking in on him having sex with Carmen. It was actually a semi-faithful reenactment of a scene from that comic.

So anyway, now you sort of know who those two are. When they first meet, Shannon’s supposed to be helping Darren mend his relationship with Angie, but later on the two end up hooking up with each other instead. Exactly how Angie’s going to feel about that is anyone’s guess. But it should be interesting.

…Those wacky politicians? Sam White is the mayor of Victoria, Florida (um, that’s where the comic’s taking place, in case you’re wondering where the heck that is). He’s trying to get funding for a major building project and he believes the only way to convince City Council to fund his project is to convince them it will keep them safe from terrorism. And of course the only way he can convince them that there’s an actual terrorist threat in Victoria, Florida, is to hire some terrorists to actually commit a terrorist attack there, a ghoulish plot he has codenamed “Project Nero.” Helping him along are his apprehensive assistant Candice and groveling toady Brian.

…That Toad guy? Toad is the guy Sam contacted to arrange the terror attack. He supplied the terrorists with everything they might need to pull off the attack, but then it later became evident that the jihadis they’d recruited were just harmless posers so now Sam wants Toad to do the attack himself. Toad is nearly killed in the gunfight with Shannon during which she rescues Darren and as a result is injected with growth cells which will likely cause him to mutate hideously (cool!). This along with his bruised pride have led him to seek vengeance against both Shannon and Darren. And this is not a guy you want to have mad at you!

There are some other little mini stories going on here and there that either don’t tie into anything or are minor plot points which are just there as an excuse for future pointless mayhem. Otis and Earl continue their crusade to clean up the streets of Victoria, now tailed by a masked vigilante on a moped. Carmen’s girlfriend Cody is supposed trying to impress some bigshots at the news network she works for to land a promotion (yeah, forgot about that one, didn’t you!). Sam White has contracted Toad and his gang to eliminate a madam who’s extorting him after he accidentally killed one of her call-girls with an over-effective boobytrap. But really you don’t need to know about any of that to be able to follow the story.

So that’s what’s going on right now in the story. Act II is almost over. All of the storylines collide in a chaotic train wreck in the climactic Act III.
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El Cid at 6:35PM, April 20, 2010
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There seems to be a lot of head-scratching going on with what’s happening in the comic right now. Why is Carmen dressed like an elf stripper having sex with guys in alien makeup? Why is Angie stomping space puppies on a cheesy sci-fi set?

Well, the first one’s pretty easy to follow, and is explained already in the comic. Carmen and Angie are both still captives in Madame Poppycock’s Wonderland sex slave operation. The geeky alien dudes are in town for a sci-fi convention and they have paid for a girl made up to look like an alien from their trekkie TV show. To what end does any of that serve the plot? It doesn’t. It’s gratuitous fan service porn for its own sake.

As for Angie in space, that won’t make sense until afterward, but it shouldn’t be too hard to connect the fact that Carmen’s doing a sci-fi thing with the fact that Angie’s doing a sci-fi thing. Angie and this new character “Karen” are acting out another geeky sci-fi fantasy for another geeky sci-fi fan who’s attending the same sci-fi convention as all the other alien dudes who are milling about. It’s a little weird because, rather than showing them in their room acting out the gunfight sequence in make-believe, I’ve chosen to instead dramatize it in “dream sequence” mode, as if they’re actually on a spaceship doing battle with actual Space Puppies. I did this for two reasons: First of all, because it looks freakin’ cool. And second, because there’s a punchline to the scene which only works if it’s done in this fashion. That’s all I can say about it, because I’d rather not spoil the punchline. But it was not just a random creative decision.
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Fastmax at 2:14PM, April 23, 2010
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I don't see the fukkin problem. How can they not follow what's happenin'??


You wanna know whats goin' on?
You wanna be a hipster at adult comixs?
Den learn ouw to reed a funny book!!! You start with Page number one of “DEATHPORN”.
OH, is that instruction too confusin' to ya?!

So lets go hardcore on ya brain! Go to El Cid's website
and read his comixs, -ALL OF THEM FROM START TO FINISH!!!
“Like you got a real weekend planned out with somebody beyond ”your fist“, fanboy”.

Start wit his “Sex and Candy” story. Its “scrummydeli-icous”.
Then after read the other one too “Lovesnot”,
…and don't forget to wipe youself off after done readin' it.
And if you still be “stupid” -reed more! “Big Fish Story” is very edjumacational bout animal dickkin'. Showed it to my gurl, and now she gotta have.
And “Room 237”(and if I got the room number wrong -youse knos wot I's ment!!), if you like that “Friday the 13th” shit!!

NOW I DONT WANNA HEAR ANYMORE WHINNERS SAYIN'.. “Oh I lost, El Cid, -Hep me! Hep me!!”

You don't have to thank me, EC, jusz showin' “the love”
…. but ya owe me. -ha, heh!
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El Cid at 9:34PM, April 23, 2010
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Damn, Max, you bringin' the pain for realz!
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Jessy Dee at 6:32AM, April 25, 2010
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a very good brief of whats happening, with all that action everywhere i lost from where it come, but thats what i love of you EC, i just wish some day visit that amazing “Wonderland” and have a date with that couple of “good cops” to have a dabate of the law and justice hehehehe, congratulations and have a lovely day tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
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El Cid at 3:32PM, April 25, 2010
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Thanks Jess!

And I'm sure Otis and Earl would love to meet the legendary Batbabe. Hey, they're all crime-fighters… sort of. :)
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El Cid at 7:46AM, March 21, 2011
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Yeesh! What happened to the formatting on the OP?!! Ah, I'll fix it. Later.

I should also point out that I plan on making an interactive HTML plot summary in the very near future (hopefully this week) so keep an eye out for that!
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