Explaining Plastic Bullets' Gameplay.

PVP Gameplay
Zeph at 2:23PM, April 10, 2010
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Plastic Bullets takes inspiration for its PVP games from lots of video games.

Extermination: Simply take out the enemy team.

Capture the Flag: Capture the enemy's flag, or whatever is marked for being captured. Points go up to 8, or until one team's players are all dead.

Death Race: Vehicle based battles where players shoot at each other from withing vehicles as they would in GTA.

Hostage: Each team loses a player to the other team, the goal is to rescue your team-mate before the enemy team rescues theirs. Strategy is a key point.

Attack and Defend: Two rounds of fighting over a point, one team defends, another team attacks. Vice versa the next round.
Includes Heist: One team plays as the security guards, the other the robbers, vice versa next round.
(Objective based)

Fortress: Take over the enemy base before they take over yours.

Assasination: Randomly selects team leaders, assasinate the enemy leader before yours is assasinated.
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