Explaining Plastic Bullets' Gameplay.

Zeph at 2:17PM, April 10, 2010
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Scenerios are matches that pit player teams against house teaqms. They are often more large scale than the pvp matches. With a set objective of winning.

There are several different Scenerio types.

Survival: Pretty much the same as a survival mode in any game now adays, you go as long as you can, gaining points for how long you lasted, and how many enemies you managed to kill while you do so.

Containment: An adaption of Survival Mode, however your goal is to hold off an enemy for as long as you can, you will lose points if enemies get past you, and more points for each civilian or soldier they kill.

Hostage: These scenerios involve saving a hostage in a time limit, and getting out of the danger zone. Players can earn points by killing enemies, but lose if their hostage dies. Other versions of this scenerio are Important Person ect, where a select part of your team, or a non team player cannot die.

Evacuation: The team gets points for as many people as they save, as well as many enemies they kill. The faster the objective is cleared, the more points the team gets.

Traitor: One of the team is marked as a traitor, but nobody knows who, until the boss battle where that team member has to fight against their own team.

Theres more, but I can't think of their names.
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Ryuthehedgewolf at 8:38AM, April 17, 2010
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Possibly a Capture the Flag, or King of the Hill type scenario?

Or where there's like “infected” people, and everybody has to team up, and try not to be infected?

Those are the most popular.
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