Explaining Plastic Bullets' Gameplay.

The Basics.
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Plastic Bullets is the story of Epic Air's Airsoft Tournament, a battle of skill and wits, that only has one rule, “If it doesn't kill you, it's legal.” You can take out your enemy in anyway you wish, as long as it is not fatal. Brutallity without death is acceptable.

The basics of scoring, or killing in a PVP match is pretty much this.
Each player has a watch that registers their HP, they can only view their own HP on this Watch, however these watches are linked to the Tournament's Match Mainframe and are monitored by both the judges, and the audience. Zoey or another announcer will often show a display on one of the screens linked to the many cameras inside a selected arenas, of the Player's HP levels, the HP looks pretty much the same way it would in a video game. A green bar with a face next to it that changes its expression as the bar Depletes.

Ways of Dying.

Shot to Death: High speed cameras set upa round the arena registers every shot that hits a player, weither they feel it or not, this shot reduces the player's Hp by a certian percent. The most simplist way to kill.

Paint Grenade: Paint Grenades are most likely fatal if you're hit by them. As Splatter coutns for a larger percentage of life, getting hit by one is most likely going to reduce your health to 0.

Suicide: If you can't go on anymore, you can press a suicide button, this will reduce your HP to zero and allow you to leave a match safely.

Knife: One of the hardest ways to kill someone, knives are filled in their blades with red paint, the red paint has to cover a vital spot on a player to get an instant kill, however the knife's splatter does have effect on the total health if its in a non vital spot.

Knock out: Punches and kicks do not count against a player's health, however if you are reduced to a state where you cannot keep fighting, your HP will drop to zero. Be careful in CQC. Someone can knock you out with a bat or other blunt object and as long as you don't die, its a legal kill.
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