Maximillion Heckler
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Max is a pervert, plain and simple, he does not try to hide it.He considers himself a ladies man with his long hair tied in a pony tail, and his habbit to dress like a mime (Black turtle neck, black pants, black shoes, just missing the facepaint) or other things he finds classy such as a blazer. In reallity, Max can't score a date to save his life, his constant obsession with pouring substances on women often scare them off. If not make them beat him with a chair, and then run away.

Heckler is loyal to his friend Andrew, and will back him up in nearly any situation, his goals in the tournament is to win the cash, what he plans to do with it, well that's probably something perverted as well. Max thinks himself to be a love guru at times, and will often give his comrade advice on how to get women, advice Cross wisely ignores.

Max prefers to use a desert eagle as his first firearm, as to why it's unknown, as a real Desert Eagle's power means jsack shit in airsoft. Being a gun buff, Max enjoys looking up various kinds of guns, and then blabbering information Cross never cared to hear at him. Often ending in a trip to Chuck's Shop to look into the gunmodel Max was talking about.

Max vanished at the end of Chapter 3
Comic The Mutha Flippin God of Airsoft

Rockin the WTF face.
wait what?
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