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Here you can view the detailed biographies of most of the characters that have important roles in the world of ‘Relik’. Again, there are NO spoilers here - anything revealed has already happened, either in ‘Relik’ or ‘Retake’.


Name - Brad Stone
AKA - Relik, Major Darke (of the Ranosian Special Taskforce Militia)
Age - Unknown

History - (THIS is the History for Brad and Relik - Major Darke will have his own Bio when time permits.)

Brad Stone came to Hollywood with no memory of his past, or any knowledge of how long he's been amnesiac. All he knew was that he felt an undeniable urge to do some good in the world.

At first, he was turned down for role after role until an agent, one Larry Soderburg, saw the potential in Stone to portray a real hero - to do that, all Brad had to do was leave Hollywood behind, and take a trip to Patriot City.

From there, he fell almost instantly into the boots of the PowerPatriot, the iconic superhero legend who's life and victories are not only what shape today's Patriot City (once called Sonar City, but changed after the Pat's death as the ultimate honour), but make great foundations for a blockbusting movie franchise!

As the juggernaut of a franchise steamed into its umpteenth title, history inevitably started getting skewed in a executive decision to make the movies ‘Less historical, more amazing!’ This led to what many Pat-fans consider to be the worst sequels in the series' history, the latest being ‘PowerPatriot Versus the Doomsday Invasion,’ an event that - although the Pat did fight-off aliens, never technically happened as portrayed on-screen.

And the ludicrousness of the franchise's decline was not lost on it's big star; Brad Stone found himself yearning for more, for better, but always seemed to find himself legally bound to ‘another three movies’ time and time again.

This all changed one night when, exhausted from a heavy day's shooting for fight sequences, Brad Stone retired to his trailer to discover a mysterious belt and a note that simply ordered him to put it on. Under the assumption that it was from the costume department, the actor obliged with resignation - and an incredible transformation occured!

From that day on, he would no longer just be Brad Stone, actor and celebrity heart-throb. He would be…RELIK!


Name - Mr Capella (first name unknown)
Age - 48

History - Little is known of Capella's meteoric rise to infamy as the head of one, if not the largest criminal organizations that arose in the wake of the PowerPatriot's death. Unlike the common gangs that terrorize the streets below, he prefers to approach crime tactfully from his secluded high-rise office. Anyone can commit a petty crime, he reasons, but it takes a cunning mind to conduct a symphony of felonies that push towards a greater purpose.

Upon Relik's arrival Capella was, naturally, cautious about the threat this new hero could become to his empire, and was quick to recruit the services of mercenary/killer-for-hire Killerton (see below). He also set the ball rolling on the unpredictable creation of the mutated psychopath Coldcut (see below).

Together, he sets them out to take out the other criminal factions within Patriot City, as a city divided would prove little challenge to our hero…but one underworld, united under Capella's banner? That's another story altogether…


Name - Killerton
AKA - Unknown (for now…)
Age - - 41

History - (NOTE: Parts of this bio are secret, and will only be ammended when revealed within the story of ‘Relik’ )

Although not a part of Ranos Incorporated's ‘Release Order’ of genetically-altered super-beings, the mercenary Killerton still came to their attention fairly early on, and they were quick to snatch him up under thier name, acting as his agent to paying clientele.

As such, in the wake of Relik's first fateful night as a superhero, he was recommended to Mr Capella out of the blue. Curious as to how they knew he would need such assistance, the mob boss quickly agreed to the fees, and Killerton was dispatched to his office with all due haste.

When we first see him in person, he seemed to have arrived just in time to stop the homicidal maniac Coldcut from cutting up his new employer. Killerton quickly detained the threat in his own, subtly strongarmed way before being landed with Coldcut as a partner by their new boss, Mr Capella. The two have been uneasy allies ever since, doing Capella's bidding and ridding Patriot City of all criminal groups that would oppose him.


Name - Coldcut
AKA - Cincaid
Age - 34

History - Cincaid was your average, down-on-his-luck thug who found himself forced to do whatever it took to make sure he'd survive another night. As such, his behaviour was already aggressive and desperate before the fateful transformation into the freak Coldcut ever begun…

One night found him mugging the wrong man - one Mr Capella. Surprisingly, instead of having Cincaid killed by his hired guns, the mob boss gave him an opportunity of a lifetime, to come and work for him. But it wouldn't be as easy as that; he would have to prove himself not only capable of any task Capella set for him, but that he had that something extra that excelled him past the other hopefuls being tested. Together, Capella sent the three of them on a ‘routine’ robbery of an armoured van transporting money to and from banks.

No one could have expected Relik, a brand new and completely unforeseen factor at the time, to intervene as he did. Showing initiative under fear, Cincaid fired several times at the superhero - and lost his hands in the process thank to the RELIK suit's automated defenses retaliating with an over-excessive energy blast.

Although having failed their mission, Capella saw promise in Cincaid - not only in regards to how he reacted, but seeing the potential man had for special surgery.

That special surgery was called Rampant Genome Alteration, a staple in Ranos Incorporated's experimentations into manufacturing superbeings for the ‘Release Order’. Cincaid was given a near-lethal doseage in an effort to grow back his hands and, in some respect, whatever was left of Cincaid did die on that operating table…

When he came round from the surgery, it was to discover that instead of the new hands he had been promised, the Rampant Genome serum had been true to its name, and had cursed him with two jade-coloured bio-transmutation limbs; crystraline appendages that can form any shape the subject desires.

Upon witnessing them, what little was left of Cincaid's sanity fled, allowing Coldcut to take over! With his new found powers and sickening sadistic behaviour, Coldcut promptly proceeded to break free, cutting a bloody swathe through the entire ward within which he was confined.

His mission? To find the one who did this to him, and make them pay.

His target? Mr Capella…

His bloodthirsty attempt on the mob boss' life was cut short when he was apprehended by Capella's other current superpowered employee, Killerton. Faced with servitude or a brutal death, Coldcut has reluctantly agreed to work for Capella, if only for the time being. For no matter what, bloody vengeance is never far from this maniac's mind.


More additions coming soon!

Retake - What happens when a movie star goes from portraying a hero on the silverscreen to becoming one in real-life? Nothing good…
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