So what's it all about then?

Really what IS it all about then?
Genejoke at 10:53AM, May 30, 2010
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Malefic Tales expands on Malefic, it is set in the same world, an alternate earth where stuff like this clearly can happen.rnrnI thought about a few short interludes in Malefic to give the reader an impression of the scope of events, that eventually turned into Malefic Tales. I also wanted other people to contribute in whatever way they could. I did “a boys tale” as a brief starting point, something to show would be contributors I suppose. I also decided that it should be the place where I experiment with different styles of art rather than in the main comic as that seemed to confuse some people. There maybe some cross over between the two, whether it is back stories of a character from malefic appearing here or a character from a short here getting an appearance in the main comic.

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