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Name: Christopher
Nickname(s): Chris, Christ
Height: 6“1
Age: 20
Hair: Chestnut
Eyes: Brown

Christopher is the kind of guy that knows everybody. Very social and extrovert, he always seeems to seek the company of others. The only time he favors loneliness is when he draws for ”customers". He never stays alone very long between girlfriends, but keep saying he doesn't believe in love.

He lives in a house partially bought by his parents who were more than happy to have him out of their place, even though they love their son very much. Chris rent the cave to two of his friends in order to pay back what he owes to his mom and dad. He left college to work full time in a tattoo shop. He also makes some money by selling his art on the internet, drawing pinups and/or any fetish that will bring him cash.

Name: Neven
Nickname(s): Nev, Seven
Height: 6"4
Age: 23
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Easy to piss off. He and his brother have been bullied and rejected a lot when kids, and Neven's way to cope with that was to become very aggressive and quite violent at times. However, now that he is well accepted, he is quite sociable and truly a great friend. Just don't call him a two-headed boy, if you still want to keep your own head on your shoulders.

Neven and his brother have just moved in their own appartment. They would have wanted to move before, but their parents had too much worries to let them go earlier. The boys still receive their visit quite often. They have beem working in a videogame shop for a while.

Name: Sébastien
Nickname(s): Seb, Sebass
Height: 6"4
Age: 23
Hair: Light chestnut
Eyes: Brown

Sébastien is still a child at heart, and a dreamer. He hasn't been badly marked by his childhood, like his brother has been. He is also a lot more introvert, but gets along with a wider range of people. Actually, there is only one person he can't stand, Dominique.

He misses living with his parents more often than his brother Neven, but he is still happy to have been given some independance.

notes He doesn't always look that much like an asshole

Name: Eric
Nickname(s): Rick
Height: 5“7
Age: 19
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Eric passes most of his time writing about philosophy, religion and other matters that fascinates him. He seems reserved and calm but has his crazy times. People often think he's on drugs, but he's just naturally insensitive to many things.
He doesn't talk much about himself, or much at all. He is quite the opposite of his long time bets friend Christopher.

He has a part time job in a fast food and doesn't really know what he wants to do of his life yet. Eric also goes to college. He still lives with his parents and little sister in an appartment near ”downtown".

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