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Green parts of the script are done (so delineated because I don't delineate pages or panels in my scripts and I want to show you the progress somehow).

Page assignments and progress:
Cover - Unassigned
Page 1-? - Unassigned


The Broken #17: Developing a Sense of Self Part 3: Growing Closer, Chapter 6: Winding Down
By Ave Messer

SPLIT: Link to bio
PROTEAN: Link to bio
MRS. CROCHE: Red hair, caucasian
MARY SEES: Red hair, caucasian, kind demeanor, slightlyplumper than Mrs. Croche

(Open to Christmas day at the Sees trailer. SPLIT is keeping close to PROTEAN the entire time, nuzzling him often. She has a ten pound slab of chocolate beside her, amongst other gifts, which include what looks like a pistol, but is hidden enough to not show exactly. PROTEAN unwraps a Pink Floyd t-shirt and he turns to her and they kiss. All the while MRS. CROCHE is smiling at the two of them while MARY SEES looks like she's trying to keep her bearings. Cut to a couple days later, and SPLIT and PROTEAN are outside)

SPLIT: Where are we…

PROTEAN: You'll see. (Shifts into a winged lion and SPLIT climbs on his back. They fly into Vegas, and he lands in front of a fancy-looking restaurant. Inside, finely-dressed waiters can be seen bustling to serve tables that were clearly designed for couples. PROTEAN puts out his hand) My grandma chipped in.

SPLIT: (Taking PROTEAN's hand) Wow. (They walk into the restaurant and are shown to a table. PROTEAN raises his glass of water)

PROTEAN: To us. Finally.

SPLIT: (Raising her glass) Likewise. (The dinner commences and they eat, enjoying themselves. She thinks) Why did I wait so long for this? I want to hold on tight and never let go. (Cut to New Year's Eve, in the trailer, and the two kiss on the final count)

Text box (SPLIT's narration): (With requisite images to accompany) We made our preparations to go while still in a haze. Icing on the cake for Vince: Grant was expected back during the first week back to school. All seemed so fine, neither of us bothered to put any thought into the janitor's prediction, letting it slip from our minds.
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