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Green parts of the script are done (so delineated because I don't delineate pages or panels in my scripts and I want to show you the progress somehow).

Page assignments and progress:
Cover - Unassigned
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The Broken #16: Developing a Sense of Self Part 3: Growing Closer, Chapter 5: A Christmas Eve to Remember
By Ave Messer

SPLIT: link to bio
PROTEAN: Link to bio
JANITOR: Male and about 24, but otherwise your discretion
BIO FATHER: Caucasian, fit, scary-looking, facial features kind of like Split's
SPLIT'S MOTHER: Persian, kind-looking, looks a lot like Split
MARY SEES: Red hair, caucasian, kind demeanor
MRS. CROCHE: Red hair, caucasian, slightly skinnier than Mary Sees

(Open to the front of Southern Inyo Hospital, where PROTEAN, in winged lion form and carrying SPLIT on his back, lands. SPLIT gets off and PROTEAN shifts back to human form and they look at the hospital)

SPLIT: It's so small.

PROTEAN: What were you expecting? This is Lone Pine.

SPLIT: But I was born here. I was just expectingÂ… more.

PROTEAN: Look, if you don't want to go through with this, I understand.

SPLIT: No, I need to see this place, and I finally have my chance. (Heads into the hospital, PROTEAN following. She stops in the doorway to the waiting room. Thinks) Wait. We're not sick. We shouldn't just walk in. (Turns to leave)

JANITOR: (Catching sight of them) Well, whadda ya know? You've finally returned.

SPLIT: (Glances behind her. Looks at PROTEAN, then back to the JANITOR) Me?

JANITOR: (Leaving his mop propped up against the wall and taking SPLIT's hand) Yes. I knew you would come back, ever since the day I met your mother.

SPLIT: (Eyes widen) My mom?

JANITOR: Of course. (Next scenes should be images to accompany the narration) I was maybe ten at the time. My grandfather was dying and we were there to pay our last respects. Your mother was rushed in, heavy in labor. There was a bit of intrigue to the fact that a Middle Eastern woman was being brought into the hospital. She wasn't a local, so nobody had any idea why she would want to come here. I was drawn to her for another reason, though. Something inside me called to her, and I hung outside the door as she gave birth, knowing that I had to talk to her. As soon as the room cleared, I snuck into the room and took her hand. Suddenly, I felt that my mind was exploding. I saw two different lives, your lives, one happy and one miserable. When it ended, I collapsed at her side. She asked if I was okay, and I couldn't answer that. I had to tell her what I saw. She had to make a choice. If she wanted you to be happy, she could never see you again: give you up for adoption and leave the hospital without leaving any documentation. Otherwise, you would be raised by your father and molded to his will, his ideal. And he desperately would search for you no matter what happened. Something struck a chord with her and she heeded my warning. I went back to visit with my grandfather and she disappeared from the hospital without a trace. The nurses said they saw her just walking out, crying but unwavering. Since then, I've stayed close to this hospital, working here and knowing you'd come close when my vision of your life again became unclear. (Looks at SPLIT's face and the emotions playing on it) I have learned a new trick in this time. Take my hand. (Grabs SPLIT's hand. SPLIT sees the world in front of her swirl, and she now sees her BIO FATHER yelling at her)

BIO FATHER: (Yelling, his hand glowing ominously) No sissies in my house! (SPLIT sees ALTERNATE SPLIT beaten and broken and shivering in the dark cold night outside. Shift forward in time and ALTERNATE SPLIT is cold and bitter. Someone looks at him the wrong way, and that person's soul is ripped from them. Now back at home, BIO FATHER takes this soul from ALTERNATE SPLIT) You should have been stronger. You let the souls keep their identities. (The vision drops as SPLIT lets go of the JANITOR's hand)

JANITOR: (Collapses to his knees) That's what I saw. That's what your mother prevented by giving you up. (Looks into SPLIT's eyes) There's more. Soon you will come to a crossroads. (Grabs his arm) Your father will find you, and when he does, someone close to you will die. It's unavoidable, but the path you take will determine who it is. (His eyes roll back in his head and he collapses on the floor in spasms. Nurses rush over and PROTEAN pulls SPLIT away from the scene as the JANITOR is carted to the ICU. SPLIT and PROTEAN take off back to the Sees trailer in Shoshone. Cut to the next day, and SPLIT and PROTEAN are sitting in the living room)

PROTEAN: What about the other souls in the hospital? Why didn't you absorb them?

SPLIT: I don't know. I saw them, out of the corner of my eye, I think. They looked like they were straining to stay away. Maybe they can resist it the longer they've been dead.

MARY SEES: (Approaching) You wanna help set the table?

SPLIT: (Looks up) Sure. (Smiles. She and PROTEAN get up and help put around the place settings-for four people, and it's all the table can really handle. When finished, they head towards the kitchen)

MRS. CROCHE: (When the two are in the doorway) Aha! (Points to the ceiling, looking proud of herself) Mistletoe.

SPLIT: (With PROTEAN, looks up to see the mistletoe tacked above them. They look each other in the eye) Well? (PROTEAN looks like he is going to answer, but instead leans in and presses his lips to hers. SPLIT closes her eyes and wraps her arms around PROTEAN, and his wrap around her. Close as all disappears but the two kissing)
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