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Green parts of the script are done (so delineated because I don't delineate pages or panels in my scripts and I want to show you the progress somehow).

Page assignments and progress:
Cover - Ashe-Ravi-Fox (colors in progress
Page 1-? - Unassigned


The Broken #15: Developing a Sense of Self Part 3: Growing Closer, Chapter 4: Â…If the Fates Allow
By Ave Messer

SPLIT: Link to bio
PROTEAN: Link to bio
MERRY MAIDEN: Link to bio
MRS. CROCHE: Red hair, caucasian
MARY SEES: Red hair, caucasian, kind demeanor, slightly plumper than Mrs. Croche

(Open to a montage-images to accompany what the text box says)

Text box (SPLIT's thoughts): The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas was fraught with tension. Vince would loosen up from time to time, but he always seemed to have one eye on the TV, looking for news of what happened. Reports were coming back: Wistils invaded Klaakith. Heroes from around the world who had experience with the Wistils had been gathered and made a stand. There were casualties, but nobody was naming the dead. Those that had come back only did so for supplies, or to recharge with devices that must be left on Earth. Grant was never seen, though Merry Maiden was seen with one of the supply-gathering parties, looking battle weary. (She has no hair and her face is badly scarred) Vince and I felt strained in our friendship. We were feeling the pressure of it becoming more, but didn't feel it was right, given the circumstances. We didn't want this to be the feelings at the start of a romantic relationship. Things began to pick up, however. Reports started turning to the better. The Wistils were being driven back. It wouldn't be long until the heroes were able to return. It was the day before Christmas break when things really began to feel good. Just Plum Awesome came back for supplies: to repair an engine.

JUST PLUM AWESOME: The main Klaakith cruiser was damaged in the attack, but we should bring it home with good parts.

INTERVIEWER: Could we know some of the manifest?

JUST PLUM AWESOME: I just know the ones I served with. Tatya, Ofelia, Desiderio, DragrantÂ…

Text box (SPLIT's thoughts): Vince nearly collapsed in elation. It was the perfect way to go into Christmas break.

(Cut to SPLIT's dorm room, where she is packing and PROTEAN is watching)

SPLIT: You should remember to pack a jacket, or something. It's gonna be cold.

PROTEAN: (Smiles at SPLIT) I know. I did. It is the desert.

SPLIT: It's just that most people think it's hot all the time.

PROTEAN: Well, they don't pay attention to much. (Looks at SPLIT's over-stuffed suitcase) Overpacking again? (SPLIT nods) Well, remember how little clothes that you brought last time were actually used.

SPLIT: (Playfully sneers at PROTEAN, heading into the bathroom) I'm a little nervous, you know.

PROTEAN: It won't be that bad. In fact, it could be fun.

SPLIT: (Coming back in with toiletries) I've just never flown before. (Puts the items in and muscles the suitcase shut) There. I'm ready. (The suitcase shimmers away) Y'know, that was nice of Sean, to conjure that spell on the luggage.

PROTEAN: I know. He's been trying to get close to me lately. I think he's concerned for Grant. You ready to go?

SPLIT: (Nods) Yeah. (They head outside)

PROTEAN: (Shifts into a large winged lion) Just get on and hold on. (SPLIT climbs on his back and holds tightly onto his mane. He bounds forward a few steps and takes to the air. SPLIT holds herself close and peers down, seeing the cars that look like Matchbook cars as they climb higher. They fly from the Bay Area and over Shoshone, where PROTEAN descends and begins to slow down) Where do I land?

SPLIT: (Pointing) Follow that highway. We're close. (They fly past Shoshone, on down along a gravel road further up the highway that leads to a trailer park. PROTEAN lands in front of the Sees trailer and SPLIT jumps off him as he shifts back to human form. She jumps on him in a hug) That was great!

PROTEAN: (Looking a little awkward that the taller SPLIT is hanging off him) I'm glad you liked it.

SPLIT: (Drops off PROTEAN) Let's go inside. (They head inside the trailer. MARY SEES is there to meet them) Hi, Mom. Where's Dad?

MARY SEES: He's with a church retreat. They have helped him so much. He says the pastor there really started to get through to him recently. That a lot of the lies are being removed.

SPLIT: Will he be here for Christmas?

MARY SEES: I hope so. They can spend quite some time at these things. (They chat for a little longer, conversation irrelevant. MRS. CROCHE pulls up to the house in an aged Plymouth minivan. MRS. CROCHE gets out and opens the back. SPLIT and PROTEAN look at each other, then go help her get the presents into the house)
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