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Green parts of the script are done (so delineated because I don't delineate pages or panels in my scripts and I want to show you the progress somehow).

Page assignments and progress:
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The Broken #14: Developing a Sense of Self Part 3: Growing Closer, Chapter 3: Thanksgiving
By Ave Messer

SPLIT: Link to bio
PROTEAN: Link to bio
JACK SEES: Black hair, caucasian, domineering presence
MARY SEES: Red hair, caucasian, kind presence
MRS. CROCHE: Red hair, caucasian, slimmer than Mary Sees
DRAGRANT (If you show him): Link to bio
MERRY MAIDEN: Link to bio
KLAAKITH: Humanoid, but beyond that have at it as how they look

(Open to the front of the Croche house, as the Sees car pulls up to it. The passengers-see issue 13-get out and achily stretch their legs)

PROTEAN: (Rubbing his legs and grumbling) So long. (Looks at SPLIT, who is now getting stuff out of the back, recovered) How do you do it?

SPLIT: Practice.

MRS. CROCHE: (Steps out the front door, onto the porch) Hey, you made it.

PROTEAN: (Loading his arms with bags) Hi, Mom.

MRS. CROCHE: Put those inside, Vince. (PROTEAN starts walking inside. When he nears her, she hugs him) It's good to see you.

PROTEAN: I'd hug you back if I could. (Hug is broken he heads inside. Sets his bag next to SPLIT's. Thinks) Wow, she got that in quick. (Looks outside to see her talking with MRS. CROCHE outside. Looks across the house and frowns. Exits the house. Speaking) Mom, where's Grant?

MRS. CROCHE: (Looks up from a conversation with MARY SEES and JACK SEES) I don't know, dear. He might just be late. Can you flip on the TV, though?

SPLIT: (Follows PROTEAN back inside) Why does she want the TV on?

PROTEAN: (Swiping the remote off the arm of the couch) She watches the news a lot. Grant can get involved in a lot of battles, and she wants to make sure he's okay.

ANCHOR: (Once the TV flips on to the news) …The incident in Moscow was eventually tempered by Commodore Tatya. In breaking local news, denizens of the planet Klaakith visited Chico today and met with North State superhero Dragrant, who was in town on a speaking engagement with the city police department. We do not know what was said, but Dragrant was transported away with them.

PROTEAN: Dangit Grant, can't you call? And get a better nickname.

SPLIT: So he's- (Looks to see PROTEAN has left the house) Dragrant? (Thinks) This family sure doesn't know how to pick superhero names.

(Cut to dinner, with everyone at the table, before dishing up, holding hands in a circle for the opening prayer)

MRS. CROCHE: Bless this meal, Lord, and thank you for the love of family and the safety of those around us. Please watch over Grant at this time in whatever he is doing and guide him home safely. Amen. (Everyone opens their eyes and unclasp hands. MRS. CROCHE wipes the corner of her eye) Now, let's eat. (Everyone begins to dish up. SPLIT heaps ham onto half her plate, puts a few pieces of turkey to the side, takes a liberal amount of Brussels sprouts, and sets to buttering her roll)

SPLIT: (Looking up at PROTEAN, who was looking at her) What?

PROTEAN: (Dishing up a small amount of mashed potatoes) Like ham much?

SPLIT: (Putting her roll back together with a good load of butter in between) Yup.

MRS. CROCHE: How do you stay so thin?

SPLIT: I don't know. Genetics? (Takes a bite out of her roll)

JACK SEES: (Indicating the TV) Can we watch the game on that thing? (Shoves another piece of turkey in his mouth)

MRS. CROCHE: What? Sure.

JACK SEES: (Picks up his plate and goes into the living room. Sits on the couch and flips on the TV)

SPLIT: I hope the Cowboys are getting trounced.

MARY SEES: I'm… sorry. He's just not used to company.

MRS. CROCHE: (Waves her hand in dismissal) It's fine. Football is football. I did raise two boys. (Turns to PROTEAN) Oh, did you hear, Vince? Grant said he took that cheerleader on a date. You know, the one he sometimes gets paired with? That's her. (Points to the TV, which is showing MERRY MAIDEN in closeup)

ANNOUNCER: (Over the TV, as MERRY MAIDEN is shown) And that's the Merry Maiden, gentlemen, the Cowboys' resident superheroine. Keeping the peace and leading the cheers.

PROTEAN: Ugh, how corny.

SPLIT: What's her power, silicone?

MRS. CROCHE: (Snorts a laugh then clears her throat of the food that was snorted) You could take a cue from him, Vince.


MRS. CROCHE: (Indicating SPLIT with her head) I'm just saying if you like somebody, ask her out. It never hurts to try.

MARY SEES: (Confused, pointing to the TV) Um, is it halftime already?

(Everyone looks to see the TV, which shows silence as a Klaakith shuttle descends from the skylight onto the middle of the field. The fans look dazed as two Klaakith get out. They approach MERRY MAIDEN and say something to her. Then they head back and she follows. The shuttle flies off and the sound switches back on)

ANNOUNCER: -ell was that?

SPLIT: (Looks at MRS. CROCHE to see a stern expression on her face. Thinks) These were the same aliens that took Grant with them. This is serious. Interstellar incidents really have quite a death toll. (Stuffs a Brussels sprout in her mouth)

PROTEAN: Grant's strong. He'll survive. Like when the Wistils invaded.

MRS. CROCHE: (Still looking at the TV) Yeah. He knows what he's doing.

SPLIT: (Looks at MRS. CROCHE a bit bewildered. Her expression changes to stoic compassion. Puts hand on MRS. CROCHE's) This is different.

MRS. CROCHE: (Whispering) I hope so.

(Cut to SPLIT and PROTEAN alone in a room, later)

SPLIT: Different? How? What was that about?

PROTEAN: (Looks confused) That was George? (Shakes it off) My dad. He-

SPLIT: I know. I remember now. She told me. (Hugs PROTEAN) It must be so hard.

PROTEAN: (Hugging back and falling into her) I'm scared for him. I mean, he's annoying sometimes, but he's my brother.

SPLIT: I know what you mean. Just keep optimistic. Annoying brothers have a way of sticking around.

PROTEAN: (Chuckles) Like George. (Looks SPLIT in the eyes, their faces incredibly close. Their lips almost brush, but he pulls away. Thinks) Not here. Not now. (Buries his face in her shoulder)
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