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Green parts of the script are done (so delineated because I don't delineate pages or panels in my scripts and I want to show you the progress somehow).

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The Broken #13: Developing a Sense of Self Part 3: Growing Closer, Chapter 2: The Holidays Beckon
By Ave Messer

SPLIT: Link to bio. Doesn't like to wear her costume
PROTEAN: Link to bio
JACK SEES: Black hair, caucasian, domineering presence
MARY SEES: Red hair, caucasian, kind presence

(Open to inside SPLIT's dorm, where SPLIT and PROTEAN are inside)

SPLIT: (Looking dejected) Where were you? I felt so exposed.

PROTEAN: I-I was invited to the Mathletes. I only found out at the last second.

SPLIT: (Throws her arms around PROTEAN) Please don't do that again.

PROTEAN: Sure. (SPLIT pulls her head off his shoulder and they look into each other's eyes. An electronic ring sounds. PROTEAN steps out of SPLIT's arms and gets his phone out of his pocket and puts it to his ear) Hello?

SPLIT: (Scrunches her nose) You have a cell phone?

PROTEAN: Yeah, I think we get more than just the day off. Of course I can come over.

SPLIT: Thanksgiving, I gather.

PROTEAN: (Nods) That was Amber, Mom. Oh, when'd you meet her? Oh, I don't know. She might have family she wants to see for the holidays.

SPLIT: I could ask them what could happen.

PROTEAN: I'll get back to you on that. I love you, too. Bye. (Closes the phone) You wanna use my phone?

SPLIT: Thanks. (Snatches it from him and dials. Her finger hovers over the buttons before PROTEAN reaches over and presses “Send”) Thanks. (Puts the phone to her ear) Hi, Mom? What's the Thanksgiving situation this year? Well, Vince's mom sort of may have invited me to dinner at their place. Oh, she's nice. Well, wouldn't that be a lot of hassle? Okay, I could check. (Puts her hand over the receiver) She wants to know if they could come over for dinner as well. She said they'll bring food.

(Cut to the same room, but now SPLIT is packing a lot of things into a suitcase)

Text box: A few days later

PROTEAN: This is gonna be weird. Last time I met your parents, violence ensued. Why would they want to come, and be so far away from their relatives?

SPLIT: Have you seen Shoshone? It's lucky if it's got a hundred people. Most of my family is cleared out from there. (Shoves more clothes into the suitcase) Besides, it's not often I've had friends. Maybe they're just excited to meet the family of the boy I've taken a shine to. (Wipes some sweat off her brow) Um, how cold does it get up there, again?

PROTEAN: (Seeing her grabbing some coats) It'll be cold and may rain.

SPLIT: (Throws a sweatshirt on the bed and looks uncertainly at her closet) Well, do you have an umbrella, then?

PROTEAN: (Chuckles) Yeah. You can use it.

SPLIT: Good. (Heads to the bathroom) So I'll get to meet Grant, then.

PROTEAN: Yep. (Looks at SPLIT's bulging suitcase) You do realize that it's only a couple of days.

SPLIT: (Coming out of the bathroom with a razor, shaving cream, toothpaste, and a toothbrush) I don't know what to wear.

GEORGE: (From SPLIT's reflection in the room's mirror) Nothing too frilly, please. (SPLIT glares at him) Hey, it's Thanksgiving, not prom. You don't want gravy getting on nice clothes, do you?

PROTEAN: (Looking at the SPLIT glaring) George, stop giving her trouble.

SPLIT: He just wants me to wear something less dressy.

GEORGE: Like jeans and a T-shirt.

SPLIT: No. I think a nice dress could work.

GEORGE: Aw, you're killing me. You know how much I like turkey.

SPLIT: Fine, a shirt and skirt. Would you be more comfortable surfacing in that?

GEORGE: (With a look of concession) Fine.

PROTEAN: (Pointing his thumbs to the door) You know, I should pack. Your parents'll be here any minute. (Exits the room)

(Cut to outside, where JACK SEES and MARY SEES are helping get SPLIT and PROTEAN's things into the car)

JACK SEES: Ugh. It's only a couple days, you know.

SPLIT: Vince already grilled me on that, Dad.

JACK SEES: (Grimaces a smile as he hauls SPLIT's suitcase to the car. He sets it next to the lightly packed bags of the others. Huffing) You'd never wear that many clothes in a week. (Looks at SPLIT) It's good to see you again, dear. I'm so sorry I-

SPLIT: You've already apologized, Dad.

MARY SEES: (Claps her hands) Load up! (Everyone gets in-MARY driving, JACK in the passenger seat, SPLIT behind the driver, and PROTEAN in the rear passenger)

PROTEAN: (Snaps himself in and looks out the window) Suddenly I regret taking so many cat forms.


PROTEAN: Cats and cars. They don't mix. I've still got enough residual traits to make this an uneasy ride.

MARY SEES: You must not expect to get in the car often.

PROTEAN: Grant and I usually fly. We're not used to cars.

GEORGE: (From SPLIT's reflection in the window) Well, you're lucky. (SPLIT looks at her hands)

PROTEAN: (Looking at SPLIT) So what's it like in the desert?

MARY SEES: (Starts up the car) You should come over for Christmas. (Looks over at JACK SEES expectantly)

JACK SEES: Yeah. Tit for tat. We visit you. You visit us. (The car heads off) So Ad… um, how are you holding up? Are you happy?

SPLIT: Yes. What about you?

JACK SEES: (Looks out at the road ahead) I'm… dealing. It's… I don't know how to…

SPLIT: You should talk to somebody.

JACK SEES: Yeah. (Sighs) I suppose I should.

SPLIT: Who, though?

JACK SEES: The church. Maybe it's time I start going again. (There is a long pause)

MARY SEES: Who wants to sing a song?
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