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Green parts of the script are done (so delineated because I don't delineate pages or panels in my scripts and I want to show you the progress somehow).

Page assignments and progress:
Cover - Unassigned
Page 1-? - Unassigned


The Broken #12: Developing a Sense of Self Part 3: Growing Closer, Chapter 1: Meetings
By Ave Messer

SPLIT: Link to bio
PROTEAN: Link to bio

(Open to SPLIT and PROTEAN, in costume, in SPLIT's dorm)

PROTEAN: It seems like a fun outfit.

SPLIT: Oh sure. You realize that it only has one sandal. What's this, a platform? (Turns her left foot for emphasis) It looks oriental.

PROTEAN: You're charmingly asymmetrical.

SPLIT: Weird is a better word. (Puts weight on both feet evenly. Thinks) Odd. I don't feel any difference between them. (Speaks) Yours looks nice, though. (Gets into a Tai Chi stance)

PROTEAN: I know. (Looks down at his costume) The open feet are great. I'll always be able to feel the ground beneath my feet.

SPLIT: Or paws. (Grabs her cape) I wonder why I have this. It's not like I fly.

PROTEAN: (Shrugs) Ask Vecini. He might know. (Grabs the cape as well) Hey, it's soft. (His fingers brush SPLIT's hand. A beat as their hands stay like that)

SPLIT: Yeah, it's nice. (PROTEAN pulls his hand away) Like kitten fur.

PROTEAN: Heh, yeah. You gonna wear that to the group meeting today? (SPLIT looks confused) The trans group. I put up posters all over school about it. (Thinks) Wait. I didn't mention it.

SPLIT: Umm, I don't think I will. Maybe I'll use it in powers class. (Beat) What time's the meeting?

(Cut to PROTEAN in his room, bustling around)

PROTEAN: (Thinks) Why do I feel I need to be so prepared? It could probably go without much of my input. (Gargles his mouthwash and spits it out) Homework. Need to catch up. (Goes back into his room. Rummages in his backpack and finds his Trigonometry textbook. When he pulls it out, a piece of paper falls out of it and onto the floor. Picks it up and reads it. It says “Poseidon Prep Mathletes”. Below, in handwriting, it says “Come by. It'll be worth your while”) Same time as the meeting. I thought this only happened in movies.
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