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Green parts of the script are done (so delineated because I don't delineate pages or panels in my scripts and I want to show you the progress somehow).

Page assignments and progress:
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The Broken #9: Developing a Sense of Self Part 2: Meddling, Chapter 4: Vince's Blind Date
By Ave Messer and candyman1989

PROTEAN: Link to bio. Doesn't have his costume yet
MADISON: Contact me for her information

(Open to shots of PROTEAN getting dressed in his nice clothes: dark green button-up shirt and khakis. He looks at himself in the mirror and then heads out the door. Cut to the front of a fancy restaurant, where PROTEAN approaches and looks up at the marquee before heading inside. Inside can be seen an eloquent establishment with light music heard from a band just out of eyesight)

PROTEAN: (Thinking) Grant must have gone all out for this. (Walks up to the CONCIERGE. Speaks) Uh, Vince Croche. Table for two?


PROTEAN: No, Vince.

CONCIERGE: (Looking down at the reservations) Ah. This way, sir. (Leads PROTEAN to a table for two and, after PROTEAN sits down, returns to the podium)

PROTEAN: (Thinking) Who could it be? What are the probabilities-

MADISON: (Interrupting his thoughts) Vince. (PROTEAN looks up to see her walking in confidently, clad in a purple dress with diagonal lace hem, a modest neckline and a strapped back. A matching red shawl covers her shoulders and her hair is down) Sorry I'm late. I had a little trouble finding the place.

PROTEAN: (Stands and helps her to her chair before going back to his) Hi. You look… good. (Thinking) Better than my ratty clothes. (Eyes the menu. Speaking) Should we order?

MADISON: (Smiles, browsing the menu) That is what people seem to do at a restaurant.

PROTEAN: (Grabs the menu and looks it over) What would you like?

MADISON: I'm thinking of the fish. They've got a good reputation for getting it fresh. (She looks at ease, comfortable with her surroundings. Looks at PROTEAN, head tilted to the side, a lock of hair moving out of her face without her touching it) Smile, relax, this isn't life or death.

PROTEAN: (Smiles nervously with a little laugh. Looks down at the menu again) Well, I guess it'll be two things of fish, then. (Sets down the menu) So how's your school year going?

MADISON: Oh, you know, it has its ups and downs, same as anything. (Takes a sip of water) So what's on the agenda for the evening?

PROTEAN: (Grabs the back of his neck) I don't know. I haven't ever, you know, dated before.

MADISON: Well a dinner is always a good start, so you're hardly failing. How about we hit the arcade after this? Even in a dress and heels I am completely confident in my ability to shame you in Time Crisis.

PROTEAN: Time Crisis? I don't think I've played it. Amber and I usually stick to fighting games. What's it like?

WAITER: (Approaching the table) May I take your order?

MADISON: Yes, I would like the salmon. (Turns back to PROTEAN) Pretty much your standard shoot-em-up. Cops and terrorists, mostly.

PROTEAN: (Looks to the WAITER) Uh, I'll have the salmon as well. (Looks back to MADISON) Sounds fun. Should I prepare to get my butt kicked?

MADISON: (Nods) Probably yeah at that anyway. Most arcade shooting games, really. So, who do you think is going to win the ISC?

PROTEAN: Um, either Vixxens or Masterminds for the upperclassmen. And as far as the underclassmen go… The Hackers. They seem to have good strategy. Though I've been rooting for Pride High, and Amber definitely has.

MADISON: Well, I think Lili'uokalani in the underclass. They've got a broader range of powers than Teh H4xx0rz or Argonauts but more discipline than Pride High. Masterminds in the upperclass, if they remember to fight to win.

PROTEAN: Yeah, the Masterminds are pretty good. (There is a pause) Y'know, I've been trying to think of a squad to start for Amber and I. I just can't think of a good theme.

MADISON: Oh, you're interested in competing in the ISC?

PROTEAN: A little. Grant really wants me to, though, and so I should probably do it.

MADISON: If it's what you want, then go for it.

PROTEAN: Yeah, I understand. I would like to get out there and use my powers. Besides, it would be good for Amber. Get her out of her shell. Give her more confidence.

MADISON: Mhm. (There is another pause and then the WAITER arrives with the food. Sets down a dish in front of MADISON) Thank you.

PROTEAN: (A dish is put in front of him) Thank you. (The two eat. Cut to after dinner, as the two are walking outside, towards the arcade) Mm, the fish was good.

MADISON: I can't believe you actually purred while eating it.

PROTEAN: (Blushes) I did? Amber never did mention me purring… (Looks back at MADISON) It's from all the cat forms I've taken. (Looks forward as they get to the arcade) Ooh, I think they have Mortal Kombat.

MADISON: (Stopping) Vince, I wanted to say something. I've been trying to say it since we got our food. You're not all that in to me, are you?

PROTEAN: What do you mean? I told you I haven't dated-

MADISON: (Interrupting) It's not that. You just obviously love someone else. You found a way to bring up Amber in everything we talked about.

PROTEAN: She's my best friend. Of course I'd mention her.

MADISON: I don't think that's the reason. Maybe you haven't fully figured it out yet, either. But come on, we shouldn't let this evening be a complete wash. We can be friends. And I can still wipe the floor with you in Time Crisis.

PROTEAN: (Smiles) Thank you. (They enter the arcade) But I'm going to slaughter you in Mortal Kombat. (Closing shot: PROTEAN exasperated and MADISON all smiles as he is soundly beaten in Time Crisis)
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