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Green parts of the script are done (so delineated because I don't delineate pages or panels in my scripts and I want to show you the progress somehow).

Page assignments and progress:
Cover - JonZiVi (done, uploaded)
Page 1-? - Unassigned


The Broken #6: Developing a Sense of Self Part 2: Meddling, Chapter 1: Aftermath
By Ave Messer

SPLIT: Link to bio. Doesn't have her costume yet.
PROTEAN: Link to bio. Doesn't have his costume yet.

(Open to SPLIT walking down the hall in a huff.)

GEORGE: (From SPLIT's reflection in the window) You seem upset. (SPLIT shoots him a glare. George pops up in each window she passes) He had to be told sooner or later. (SPLIT darts into the library and heads to the bookshelves, breathing a sigh of relief. She pulls one down and opens it. Another person pushes past and she then heads to an end of the library far away from windows and sits at a table, opening the book again. George speaks from the musty reflection in the table leg) You can't ignore me forever.

SPLIT: (Whispering) Shut up. (A few people look over at her before returning to their respective books)

GEORGE: (Seeming quite proud of himself) Told ya.

SPLIT: (A little loudly) Just leave me alone.

TELEPATHS: (Not seen, but this is their sending the thoughts to SPLIT) Shut up!

GEORGE: (Yelling) You shut up! Find somebody else's mind to enter!

SPLIT: (Snaps the book shut and walks quickly and with purpose out of the library and into a bathroom, opening the door hard and going to a mirror above the sink, yelling directly at it) Are you insane? What is it with you?

GEORGE: (From her reflection) What is it with me? What is it with you? You're so huffy.

SPLIT: You told him. Why did you tell him?

GEORGE: He needed to know.

SPLIT: (Lifts her fist to punch the mirror, but then grabs the sides of the sink) He isn't going to be friends with me anymore.

GEORGE: You're just overreacting.

SPLIT: He's straight, George. Just because he sees me for me does not mean that he can get past the fact that I'm…

GEORGE: A guy?

SPLIT: (Growls) Incomplete. I just- You know how hard it is for me to even find friends.

GEORGE: It was easy for me.

SPLIT: (Slaps the mirror, yelling) But it isn't for me!

GEORGE: Uh, Adrian, crowd.

SPLIT: (Her face freezes and she looks past her reflection to see other people standing there. She whips around and looks at them, some who look away immediately, some who snicker, a couple who look scared) Uh, um… (Darts out the door and to her room, slamming the door. Throws herself on the bed, looking horribly embarrassed)

(Cut to PROTEAN's room at night, with maybe a text box saying “That night”, or the like. PROTEAN is in bed, awake)

PROTEAN: (Thinking) I keep replaying it over in my mind. Mental statistics, possibility of a connection, should I tell her about my own crush? (The voices chatter in his head lightly. He goes on) It's been 23.5 hours since my last pill. Take another in a half an hour, worry about sleep later. (Puts his head in his hands) Can't figure out what to do. (Eyes are heavy and shut. He sleeps, then wakes up in the morning. The voices in his head are screaming. Looks at the clock) Two hours' sleep, but couldn't stay asleep. (Gets up and shuffles to the bathroom. Pops a pill in his mouth and swallows it with some water) At least an hour until it will work. Until then, the voices will have their way. (Starts to brush his teeth) What percentage of the student body would think I'm gay for liking Amber? Do I care? Already 38% think we're an item. It wouldn't change all that much. (Spits out his toothpaste and looks at his watch) Five minutes to brush and process at the same time, at least 55 minutes to stew. (End with the roaring voices in his head)
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