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Green parts of the script are done (so delineated because I don't delineate pages or panels in my scripts and I want to show you the progress somehow). It's split into multipl posts because of its length, which causes one post to be too long for Drunk Duck.

Page assignments and progress:
Cover - Etheet (in progress)
Page 1-? - Unassigned


The Broken #5: Operation: Retention
By: Ave Messer, candyman1989, Mr. Banana, BlackHawk, Safeguard, Silverpain

SPLIT: Link to bio. Does not have her costume yet.
JACK SEES: Caucasian, domineering
PROTEAN: Link to bio. Does not have his costume yet
TRAVIS: Link to bio (Still)
KENJI: Link to bio
SHANE: Link to bio (Flashback)
NATE: Link to bio (Antaeus)
ROBERT: Contact me for character information or go to his creator's profile.
RA: Link to bio
LUCIAN: Contact me for character information
MARY SEES: White, red hair, kind demeanor
GEORGE: Amber's older brother, who died when he was 12 and she absorbed his soul. He was white with red hair.

(Open to SPLIT in her room at school on the phone with JACK SEES, who is in the kitchen of her home. Feel free to cut between the two for the conversation)

JACK SEES: What were you thinking?

SPLIT: (Tilting the phone from her ear because JACK SEES is yelling) Huh? What're you talking about, Dad?

JACK SEES: Oh, don't play dumb with me. It was in the paper, Adrian. (Drops a newspaper on the table, showing the headline “Poseidon Prep Tranny Soul Stealer” ) They came over to do an interview. Do you have any idea what you've put us through?

SPLIT: The paper?

JACK SEES: You're leaving that school. Your mom and I are coming to unenroll you today. Pack your things.

(Cut to outside PROTEAN's dorm door. SPLIT skids up to it and knocks hurriedly. PROTEAN opens the door, revealing a darkened room with one side looking quite moody in the dark, while the other-PROTEAN's-looks more inviting)

SPLIT: Vince, you've gotta help.

PROTEAN: What about, Amber?

SPLIT: (Moving into the room) It was in the paper, Vince. My dad knows about me. He's coming to take me out of school. What'm I gonna do?

PROTEAN: Why'd you come to me?

SPLIT: (Flops down on PROTEAN's bed) I don't know. You're the only person I really know here, and you seem to be able to problem solve. I do this sometimes, though, I panic, especially when the situation is hopeless. It's hopeless, right?

PROTEAN: I don't know. (Looks into SPLIT's panic-stricken face as she stares at the ceiling. Sits next to her) But maybe I can help. We've probably gotta get some other people on this, too, though.

SPLIT: (Looking at PROTEAN with a hint of a smile) Really?

PROTEAN: I've just gotta go talk to some people. There are people out there that like you. They'll want to help you stay here. (SPLIT perks up a little) You may want to go talk to your roommate.

SPLIT: (Sits up and pulls PROTEAN into a hug) Thanks. (Stands up and darts out the door)

PROTEAN: (Sits for a beat, blushing, then regains his composure and darts out of the room. Runs down the hall and crashes into TRAVIS, who has been translating a text while walking. They tumble to the floor)

TRAVIS: (Looks up and sighs) I really gotta break this habit of accidental Vince-related violence, don't I?

KENJI (Looking on) Ouch, that looks like it hurts… (Bends to the ground and extends his hand) And I though I was the only one who ever crashes into people… Need a hand?

TRAVIS: (Takes KENJI's hand and pulls himself up, smiling at him. Looks at PROTEAN and cocks his head to the side) You alright, Vince? What's the rush?

(Cut to just after PROTEAN explains. He is now standing)

Text box: After a hurried explanation

PROTEAN: We needed to figure out something. Would any of you be able to help?

KENJI: (Looking sheepish and rubbing the back of his head) Sure, but I have no idea where to begin… Heheh, sorry…

PROTEAN: Well, I'm gonna tell everyone to meet at my dorm room. (Takes off)

(Cut to SPLIT opening the door to her empty dorm room and walking in. Cut back to the hallway, where SHANE enters, where he shakes his head as he comes up next to TRAVIS and KENJI)

SHANE: Geez, you guys run into people more often than I do. Come on, I can't find Vince's dorm room alone. Shall we head that way? It sounded important.

NATE: (Approaching with ROBERT) Hey Shane. Hey Travis, Kenji.

ROBERT: What's goin' on here? Something happen?

TRAVIS: Heya, guys. Amber needs our help.

Text box: (As the five move down the hall) Travis explains the situation.

TRAVIS: What about enchanted sleep? There was a special feature in DIY Fairytales. Probably not the full hundred years version, though… maybe ten?

SHANE: Doesn't sound like she needs sleep, sounds like she needs a way to change her dad's mind a bit.. (Looks through TRAVIS for a beat, then turns to SPLIT's dorm door) This Amber's dorm?

TRAVIS: I think so. You're probably right, though. I can't just chuck her parents in hibernation ‘til she’s out of school… (Turns to SHANE with a calculating look) Can your powers help here? If you could “see into” her parents, we might have a better idea of what we need to do.

RA: (Speeding in) Eyes sideways, Rob. (Before ROBERT can react, throws a water balloon in his face. Flies past, but quickly crashes against the ground, rolling until his back meets the wall, legs sprawled on the ground and floor with his arms thrown everywhere) I hate Karma…

NATE: (There immediately, kneeling beside RA) You OK, klutz? (Helps RA up)

SHANE: (Looking like he is trying to ignore the antics) Eh, I wouldn't be too sure. I can't change people's opinions, just see why they have them. I think the more appropriate approach would be to show them how important it is for her to stay here. Do they know about her powers?

KENJI: If all else fails, we can get Lucian to hypnotize them every time they come by here… He is a vampire, after all…

SHANE: (Glaring-through sunglasses-in KENJI's general direction) That's just unethical. Can you imagine what the administration would say?

KENJI: (Grinning) Yes. Yes, I can imagine what they'd say… So, is that an affirmative on the whole “hypno” thing?

RA: You need a towel there, Rob? (Looks around) What's going on?

SPLIT: (Stepping out of her room) Uh, hi. Have you seen my roommate?

ROBERT: (Putting a hat over his wet hair) I'll get you back, magic boy.

LUCIAN: (Walking up from the halls) Do I even want to know why there's wet people and a giant puddle on the floor? (Places two fingers against his furrowed brow as if deep in thought) No. No, I don't think I do…

RA: One of those you-had-to-be-there moments to fully understand the situation. (Gives a toothy grin. Rubs the back of his head softly. Thinks) Man, that sucked!

TRAVIS: (Turns to SPLIT and salutes) Dear lady, your reinforcements have arrived. So far we only have three suggestions: Enchanted sleep, hypnosis and the rather boring but practical idea of showing them how important this is for… (Eyes take on a slightly glazed look) Show them how important… (Reaches into his pocket and pulls out another book and flicks through it urgently)

SPLIT: Um, thanks. Uh, I think you could go better with the other two. My dad… his mind doesn't change easily.

GEORGE: (From SPLIT's reflection on the doorknob. Thinks) I've never seen him this scared…

(Cut to the car, were JACK SEES is driving fast towards Poseidon Prep, with MARY SEES in the passenger seat. JACK SEES is chewing on his lower lip and clearly ready to start mumbling to himself. MARY SEES is sitting with her hands clasped in her lap)

MARY SEES: (As they go through a red light) Honey, that's a red- (JACK SEES glares at her in a sideways glance. She snaps her gaze forward again. The statue of Poseidon comes into view and the car skids into a parking spot. JACK SEES steps out and slams the door, heading straight for the offices and not waiting for her to get out)

(Cut back to the group in the hall)

TRAVIS: (Looks at a page and swears briefly in Demonic) I have something that could work, but, well, I doubt we can pull it off. (Looks up at the group) It's a spell of True Sight. Basically, if we could slip to your parents, it would force them to see things as they truly are. No lies or self-deception. Problem is, the spell is in three different languages. (Tapping his ear and shrugging) I wouldn't make it halfway through. There is a potion, but… (Offers the book to read the ingredients)

LUCIAN: (Sighs) Noah has tutored me in black magic, so I know a good majority of magical languages. I'm nowhere near as good as he is, though…

TRAVIS: (Turning to LUCIAN with a neutral expression) I can guide you through the spell's wording easily enough. I can't hear, myself, but the subtitle spell will be enough to let me correct you. (Looks in LUCIAN's eyes) You need to be completely sure you can do this, though. You really don't want this spell misfiring.

LUCIAN: Yeah, sure… What the hell? Let's get on with this… (Sighs)

KENJI: (Flings himself around LUCIAN, smiling and hugging him) YAY! I knew we could count on you, Lucy!

LUCIAN: GET THE HELL OFF ME!! And… And did you just call me “Lucy”!? (Pushes KENJI off, with a mixed expression of irritation and dumbfounded confusion)

TRAVIS: (Passes LUCIAN the book) Have a read. If there are problems with the Celestial, let me know and I'll translate.

LUCIAN: (Takes the book, eyes still on KENJI) Never. Call me. Lucy. Again.

KENJI: (Pouting) Aww, but Lucy's cute…

LUCIAN: Which is exactly why I don't want you calling me that. (Begins to read the book) Right, I think I got it… (Begins speaking the spell flawlessly)

TRAVIS: (Eyes closed during LUCIAN's dictation, the words scrolling over his eyelids. Smiles and nods at LUCIAN) Impressive. I have to say, I didn't expect a vampire to be able to cast a spell that wasn't, well, evil in nature.

LUCIAN: (Hands the book back to TRAVIS, irritated) Yeah, whatever… The spell's working now, so what's next…

KENJI: (Pats TRAVIS on the shoulder with a slightly nervous smile) Don't mind him, he's just like that with everyone.
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(Cut to the corner up the way, where JACK SEES rounds it, MARY SEES trying to keep up. PROTEAN darts past them and stops some way down the hall before running up to them)

PROTEAN: You don't look like students.

JACK SEES: (Not looking at PROTEAN) No.

MARY SEES: We have a kid here.

JACK SEES: (Grumbling) Not for long.

PROTEAN: (Recognition flashes on his face and he steps in the way) Mr. Sees?

JACK SEES: (Pushes past, barely losing his stride)

MARY SEES: (Along with PROTEAN, trying to keep up) You know Adrian?

PROTEAN: (A little confused) Who? Oh, uh, yeah. My name's Vince. (Sticks out his hand) Sh… he and I are friends.

MARY SEES: (Taking PROTEAN's hand) You seem like a sweet kid, but you don't have to lie. Adrian doesn't make friends. Never has in all I've seen. (Looks forward and sees the group, spotting SPLIT, looking scared. It is a beat before she thinks) Is that Adrian?

PROTEAN: (Runs ahead and sidles next to SPLIT, whose expression lightens)

SPLIT: Vince! Did ya get anybody else?

PROTEAN: Amber, your parents are here. (Points down the hall at them, then leans in close. Whispers) They're white? (SPLIT shoots him a look)

RA: (Looking puzzled) And now act 2 begins…

GEORGE: (Looks over at his parents from the doorknob) Dad! (Takes control of SPLIT)

JACK SEES: (Walks up to the group and sees SPLIT peering at him. Disgusted) Adrian?

SPLIT: (Expression drops from a smile) Aw, c'mon, Dad, it's me, George. (Thinks) You still have him fooled, sissy boy?

AMBER: (From the doorknob, whimpering) Please, George.

PROTEAN: (Holds SPLIT back from advancing to JACK SEES and MARY SEES) Uh, guys, why isn't the spell working? (SPLIT blasts him to the side with a jet of water)

TRAVIS: (Cruelly, confronting SPLIT) Tell me, George, you think your sis-brother's weaker than you? That he died and somehow lived on in you? You know that's not true, not really. He's in control more often for the simplest of reasons. Home field advantage. That's not your body; you're dead, George, but you still have a chance to have a more productive afterlife than most. (Turns to LUCIAN and nods to the family) Touch flesh to start the spell. The father or the son's, either way, someone will see things as they really are.

LUCIAN: (Eyes narrow, a thin grin forming) Touch flesh, huh? And George's still in control… (Vanishes in a blur, appearing right in front of SPLIT. Punches him in the jaw, sending him flying roughly ten meters back. Mutters) Know your place, you fool…

KENJI: Umm… was that even necessary?

RA: (Standing next to KENJI) To him… probably.

TRAVIS: (Moves next to KENJI and RA) Hell, even if it wasn't, I know I'm going to enjoy the memory. Amber's going to have to live with the bruise, though.

RA: At any case, think we should tend to our bruised companion now? (Brandishes his scythe, which latches to his metal arm as the blade hovers next to him) Any surprises I need to know about right now?

(They look at SPLIT, and cut to GEORGE, mind swirling. He is wrenched back to the car accident-from the first chapter-and is sitting in the seat again. The crash happens and the car slams into him, and he looks at SPLIT-10 years old-in the seat beside him, as there is the sound of bones breaking, and he is frightened. Then we see his soul get sucked into her body. Cut back to the real world)

JACK SEES: (Seeing SPLIT's motionless, dazed body) What'd you do to my boy? (Pushes a couple people aside and swings a punch, connecting with LUCIAN's jaw. MARY SEES shrieks as JACK falls to his knees. We see that he is seeing the experience of SPLIT-pain, anguish, attempted suicides all rolled together. Cut back to the real world)

RA: (Quickly goes to LUCIAN's side and helps him up. Sighs softly) This is quickly getting out of hand…

TRAVIS: (Nodding at RA) You're right. Watch your hands and help me dispel this. (Offers MARY SEES a hand and guides her to a chair) Don't worry, madam, they'll be fine. The truth can hurt, but it heals its own wounds. (Goes back to the others)

LUCIAN: (As JACK SEES regains control of himself, LUCIAN rights his head back to its original position, the rest of his body not having moved from the impact, glaring at him, his eyes giving off a sinister glow) I have been beaten, slashed, smashed, impaled, strangled, gutted, crushed, burned, sliced, mauled, pierced, electrocuted, and maimed all in one NIGHT… You DON'T want to start with me. I'll let this one go, but one more and I might not be able to control myself. I have no love for senseless violence, but even I have my limits. Trust me, you want to be on my good side…

RA: (Cracks all his knuckles) Alright, tell me when to start and what to do. (Snaps his scythe out of the whip and straightens it up) Ready when you are.

TRAVIS: (Looking at LUCIAN with concern, reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small token on a silver book. Puts it on carefully, keeping it away from LUCIAN, but keeping it clearly visible) Stay calm, Nightwalker. I doubt you felt that, and given he fell to his knees afterwards, I'd say you've had enough revenge.

(JACK SEES just nods, looking confused and dazed. MARY SEES gets up and walks over to him, putting her hand on his shoulder)

SPLIT: (Looks around-Amber is in control-and sees the doorknob, which now has blood on it) Vince? (Clambers to PROTEAN's form on the floor where he lies. There is some blood coming from his temple)

PROTEAN: (Groans) Ow. G-George is a dick.

SPLIT: (Looking at the others) Get the nurse!

PROTEAN: (Trying to get up) I'm, ow, fine. (Puts his hands to his head as he settles back on the ground)

TRAVIS: You're easily the fastest here. (Smiles falsely at LUCIAN) Perhaps you would be so kind as to fetch a nurse for Vince while Ra and I finish up. (Turns his back and moves next to RA, pulling out a text and shows RA a paragraph) No time for anything fancy. Blanket null magic field. Ready? On three. (He and RA begin to chant and the spell lifts)

RA: (Rushes over to PROTEAN, placing his scythe on the ground) Vince, hold still for me… I'm going to take care of the head wound for you wile someone goes and gets the nurse for you, ‘kay? (His upper sets of arms glow silver. Motions his hands towards PROTEAN’s temple. Starts mumbling some incantations of a heal spell)

KENJI: (Bending down to PROTEAN) Hold still… (Places a hand over his wound. In a faint sapphire blue light, PROTEAN's injury heals a little more. Turns to RA and TRAVIS, almost fuming) What the hell? Lucian was just reasoning with the guy! There's no need to attack him!

LUCIAN: Save it, Kenji. I'm a vampire, so naturally they assume that I'm out for blood. It's as simple as that… (Folds his arms and strides off)

TRAVIS: That wasn't reason speaking then. I'm sorry if I'm the one to break it to you, but your friend is a vampire. He has a demon inside. For what it's worth, he's shown more control than I thought possible. For that he has my respect, if not my trust. (Reaches his hand to touch the pendant on his chest and closes his eyes for a second) My goddess and I may be at odds, but where the undead are concerned, I'm still her priest. (Stands back and nods at the various people in pain) Besides, I think we have more important things than his hurt feelings.

KENJI: (Heading towards the people with TRAVIS: I… guess you're right. And by the way, I already knew he was a vampire from the beginning. He even hypnotized me twice the first day we met… Personally, I think it's awesome. (Grins slightly)

NATE: Personally I think Lucian needs to be turned back into a human so we can all kick his ass. (Shakes his head) There's no reason for all this bull****. (Kneels down near PROTEAN and smiles with concern) You OK, big guy?

PROTEAN: (Wincing) Eh, I'm sure it could be worse.

RA: (Sighs softly, turning his scythe back into the pendant. Looks at NATE with half-closed eyes) Not cool, Zeus… (Gets up and walks out of the room. Catches sight of LUCIAN) Oi! Lucian, wait up!

LUCIAN: (Stops, turning his head slightly to the side) … What is it?

RA: (Runs over to LUCIAN, stopping three feet away) This is probably gonna sound redundant or whatever, so you can either say yes, no, or tell me to back off and walk away. Are you gonna be all right?

LUCIAN: (Turns his head back to his front) Either way, it doesn't matter… I'm used to it… (Begins to walk off)

RA: (Watches LUCIAN walk off. Afterwards) Still… people deserve a little more respect than that… (Turns and walks back to the group)

KENJI: (Helping PROTEAN up) You sure you'll be okay, Vince? (Wipes some blood off PROTEAN's temple with a cloth)

PROTEAN: I'll be good, I think.

MARY SEES: Adrian, honey? (Approaches SPLIT)

SPLIT: (Turns from PROTEAN to MARY SEES) It's Amber now, Mom.

MARY SEES: (Takes SPLIT's hand) I'm not sure what I think about that. I just want to know, are you happy?

SPLIT: Yes. (Blushes) Very.

MARY SEES: That's all I need to know, dear. (Hugs SPLIT) I was so worried for so many years.

RA: (Smirking and approaching PROTEAN) How you holdin' up there, buddy?

PROTEAN: (Looking woozy) Geeze, you guys with the questions. Nurse getting here soon?

RA: (Facepalms himself. Looks disgusted) D'oh! Forgot, sorry, man… If you want, I can help you get to the nurse's. She'll probably want you to move to the beds, anyway.

NURSE: (Striding in) Someone said someone needed medical attention? (Sees PROTEAN) Ah, right, well, if someone would help him up, we can take him to the infirmary… This way, please… (Begins to lead the way there)

RA: (Kneels down and places his hand on PROTEAN's right arm, slinging over his shoulders) On three, stand up, ‘kay? 1… 2… 3. (PROTEAN is hoisted up and carried to the nurse’s office)

MARY SEES: (To SPLIT) Honey, you should be with your friend.

SPLIT: I love you, Mom. (Dashes to join RA and PROTEAN)

MARY SEES: (Looks to JACK SEES) Jack, are you okay? (He looks at her with tears in his eyes) Let's go. (Helps him up-this is the last we see of them for this issue)

NURSE: (Opening the door to the infirmary) Careful now…

LUCIAN: (Sits in a chair in the waiting room, his arms folded, legs crossed and eyes closed) Took you guys long enough… (Opens one eye half-lidded to look at PROTEAN) How's he holding up?

NURSE: We'll know in just a minute. (Gestures to the boys to place PROTEAN on a mattress in the next room over)

RA: (Helps PROTEAN on the mattress) Think it's a mild concussion, nurse?

NURSE: (Examining) Among other things… None too serious. He also has two fractured fingers… and, from what I can guess, a bruised rib. Wait here, I'll go get some splints. (Places a pen she was using behind her ear and sets down a clipboard to walk to the cabinet where she shuffles through items)

RA: You sure do know how to take a lickin', slick. (Forces a smirk) Nice to know you're not seriously hurt, though…

NURSE: (Returning to PROTEAN and making the splints) So, it's only your middle and ring fingers on your left hand that are fractured. As for the bruised rib, I'd advise you not to make any sudden movements. As a matter of fact, try to move as little as possible. (Wraps gauze-like cloth around each splint) And… I kinda have to ask… Ya know, protocol and all… How'd all this happen?

LUCIAN: Nothing more than a pissy-fit…

NURSE: Ah, I see… Well, I'm sure I'll get the full story from you tonight, anyways… (Turns to the rest) "Kay, he's free to go! But take it easy, ya hear? (Grins)

PROTEAN: Sure. And thanks, you guys. (Leaves the room and heads to his dorm, SPLIT tagging along behind. He opens the door and sits down on the bed. SPLIT sists down next to him)

SPLIT: Are you gonna be okay?

PROTEAN: It doesn't matter. I'm glad to know that everything is going okay with you. Have you recovered yet?

SPLIT: Maybe. It might take a little time. George was really violent. (Touches her chin and winces) And Lucian needs to learn a bit of self-control.

PROTEAN: Does it hurt?

SPLIT: To no end. I guess I kind of forgot any pain in the hubbub.

PROTEAN: Well, take solace in that George deserved it.

SPLIT: I did what now?

PROTEAN: (Looks at SPLIT to see that by posture and expression, GEORGE is in control) George? Why are you pestering me now?

SPLIT: (Heads to the mirror and looks at the bruise) Adrian needs a bit of time to himself. He shouldn't have to live through this pain. I was the one who deserved the punch.

PROTEAN: You okay? You seem less…

SPLIT: Like a dick? I know what I am to you. I don't know, something about that darn spell. I'll snap out of it. (Turns to look at PROTEAN again) You really stood up for him today. I've never known anyone who would do that for me, when I was alive or after. (Walks to the door and turns again) I'm starting to see why he has that crush on you. (Leaves)

PROTEAN: (Stares at the empty doorframe for a bit before responding) Oh wow
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