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Green parts of the script are done (so delineated because I don't delineate pages or panels in my scripts and I want to show you the progress somehow).

Page assignments and progress:
Cover - trickstyx (done, uploaded)
Page 1-? - Unassigned


The Broken #4: Developing a Sense of Self Part 1: Stealth, Chapter 4: The End of the Ride
By Ave Messer

SPLIT: Link to bio. Does not have her costume yet.
SMASH and CRASH: Link to bio
OBLIVIOUS: Link to bio
DR. DOE: Link to bio
LIGHTSPOT: Link to bio
PROTEAN: Link to bio. Does not have his costume yet.

(Open to SPLIT in the lunch line. She seems lost in thought as she plops a piece of pizza and some milk on her tray and heads off. As she passes a table, a foot hooks her leg and she is thrown to the ground, sending her tray contents flying)

SPLIT: (Looking at the pizza splattered on the ground) Aww man.

SMASH: (Revealed as he who had tripped her, having gotten up and is now standing over her) Whatcha gonna do?

SPLIT: (Silent, but reaches for her milk, but it is stepped on by CRASH before she can grab it. Shrugging, she pulls herself up)

GEORGE: (From SPLIT's reflection in a table leg) You gonna take that? Geeze, what happened to the sissy with a short fuse?

SPLIT: (Whispers to George) Shut up.

SMASH: What did you

CRASH: Say to us?

SPLIT: N-nothing.


CRASH: Heard something.

GEORGE: (From the same spot) Do something, you pansy! (Show SPLIT's head spinning from multiple focus points) Or let me out! Stop holding me back! (SMASH grabs SPLIT and CRASH bears down on her)

SMASH: Repeat what

CRASH: You said.

SPLIT: (Is jerked forward, into SMASH's face, and she knees him in the crotch. He doubles over and drops her, and CRASH swings at her with a punch. She winces and her body begins to throb. CRASH screams and shudders, falling to his knees. SPLIT can see his soul being torn from its body. It is fighting but slowly losing the battle)

SMASH: Cas! Oh god, what are you doing to him, you bitch? (Holds onto CRASH, obviously also feeling pain from this, and almost doubling over)

SPLIT: (Thinks) What's happening? (OBLIVIOUS tackles her from behind, causing her to go face first into the dirt, her breast forms bursting from the impact. CRASH collapses, no longer screaming, but alive)

OBLIVIOUS: (Sitting on SPLIT's back) What was that?

SPLIT: I-I don't know.

SMASH: (Advancing on SPLIT) You're dead.

DR. DOE: (Stepping in between SMASH and SPLIT) Don't do it, Paul.

LIGHTSPOT: (Teleporting in) Everybody, go! (The students in the vicinity shuffle their feet, but don't leave. Sighs) Get off her, Alex.

(OBLIVIOUS gets off SPLIT's back and LIGHTSPOT helps her up. She tries to cover up her flat and wet chest, but it is obvious everyone has seen)

SMASH: What the hell? (Along with the other students, watches as she is led away) She… She's a he?

Text box (SPLIT's thoughts): (With requisite images to accompany) I was brought to the nurse's office and had been deemed healthy. Cas was also given a clean bill of health and was back to his old self in time for the next class. The administration and my counselor questioned me more and changed my school forms to accurately show what my power was.

ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: You could have killed him!

Text box (SPLIT's thoughts): (With the correct accompanying images) I wished that George would come and take over, but he stayed put. Before I'd returned to my room, I could tell that everyone knew about me, about both secrets I'd been trying to keep.

(Cut to SPLIT in her room, sitting on her bed)

PROTEAN: Hi Amber. (Walks up to her) Your roommate let me in.

SPLIT: (Looking at her hands) Hey.

PROTEAN: (Sitting down next to her) Everything all right?

SPLIT: (Stares forward, sad, but with no tears. Thinks) Say something. But what? My life has just been torn down in one fell swoop.

PROTEAN: (Puts his arm around her) Y'know, Amber, no matter what, you'll still be my friend. (SPLIT leans into him, letting him hold her for a while)
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