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Green parts of the script are done (so delineated because I don't delineate pages or panels in my scripts and I want to show you the progress somehow).

Page assignments and progress:
Cover - trickstyx (done, uploaded)
Page 1 - thebuterfly (in progress)
Page 2-? - Unassigned


The Broken #3: Developing a Sense of Self Part 1: Stealth, Chapter 3: Dominance
By Ave Messer

SPLIT: link to bio. No costume yet.
PROTEAN: Link to bio. No costume yet.
NAMIB RAIN: Link to bio

(Open on a flyer on the wall that reads: “Looking to compete in the ISC? Haven't found a squad? The Black Student Union's squad, Umoja, is looking for a new member. Tryouts are on Saturday at 1:00 in the lower gym. Signed Ngedi Mbouadell, squad leader”. Now show SPLIT and PROTEAN in the hall, looking at the flyer)

SPLIT: ISC, huh? This is the only flyer I've seen.

PROTEAN: You're not thinking about joining? That would be so… unlike you.

SPLIT: Oh, no. It's just, wasn't there this big hubbub when another squad needed a new member?

PROTEAN: Pride High, Amber. You should do something about that memory.

SPLIT: Why didn't they have a flyer?

PROTEAN: (Shrugs) Different methods, I guess? Come on, let's go somewhere else. (They walk away, but SPLIT's reflection-George-strains to read the flyer again)

(Cut to a student lounge with a couch. SPLIT is standing and reading, PROTEAN is sitting and reading)

Text box: Later

SPLIT: (Demeanor more aggressive than as Amber-this is George) Ugh, that's enough reading, I think.

PROTEAN: (Looks up to see SPLIT chuck the book onto the couch) Amber, is that you?

SPLIT: Guess again, Creature Boy. God, that one is boring. How do you stand it?

PROTEAN: Amber is intelligent, fun and kind. You, on the other hand…

SPLIT: Uh huh, I'm not gonna stick around and talk to a wimp like you. (Walks out)

PROTEAN: (Calling after SPLIT) Bravado gets one nowhere.

SPLIT: (Looks at Amber's watch and sees the skirt that she was wearing) Stupid foofy… (Strides with purpose to the gym, catching looks from others at the masculine walk. At the gym, there are already a few people lined up. Gets in line behind a white person. Taps that person on the shoulder) Hey, you don't belong here. Didn't you read the flyer? This is for the Black Student Union.

WHITE PERSON: Mmhm. (Looks SPLIT up and down) And you do belong, miss?

SPLIT: Hey, I'm Egyptian. (Thinks) Probably.

WHITE PERSON: (Rolls eyes) Sure you are. (Turns around)

(Time elapse as SPLIT waits in line until finally gets into the gym and stands in front of a table at which NAMIB RAIN and LIFTER OF THE VEIL sit)

LIFTER OF THE VEIL: Girl, are you lost? This is Umoja, not the Arab club.

NAMIB RAIN: (Sighs) We should at least see what she can do. (Looks SPLIT up and down) Might get a few laughs from the others. So, kid, what's your name, stats?

SPLIT: I'm Amber. I'm a water manipulator.

NAMIB RAIN: (Writing on her clipboard) Combat experience? (LIFTER OF THE VEIL glances at her writing and chuckles a little)

SPLIT: None. I'm a freshman, but-

NAMIB RAIN: (Interrupting) This is an upperclass squad. You have to show us more than squirt gun fingers to put an underclassman in this squad.

SPLIT: I can. Like I said, I manipulate water, but I don't create it. See? (Forms a ball of water, the air visibly swirling around to create it) I take water out of the air, or, if I can demonstrate… (The ball dissipates in a flash and SPLIT tirns an open hand to LIFTER OF THE VEIL, who cries out as water begins to seep from his body and into SPLIT's hand) I can dehydrate the enemy.

NAMIB RAIN: (Pulling out one of her kama) Stop! (SPLIT's hand drops turns up, leaving a ball of water still suspended, but there is none coming from LIFTER OF THE VEIL anymore. LIFTER OF THE VEIL collapses onto the table, gasping) Don't you dare do that again! You know who this is? He's the man whose spot you're applying to fill. You know he gets final say in this matter, right?

LIFTER OF THE VEIL: (Pulling himself up) L-leave! (His rings begin to glow) Now!

SPLIT: (Darts out of the gym, then looks down at the ball of water. Frustrated, hurls it forward and it splashes against someone's chest. It's PROTEAN, who has followed SPLIT here) You followed me?

PROTEAN: (Trying to wring the water from his shirt) I didn't want you to do something that might endanger Amber.

SPLIT: If you want her so much, here ya go. (Expression changes from anger and hostility-George-to confusion-Amber. The reflection looks back, scowling)
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