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Issue 2 sign-ups, assignments, script, and progress
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Green parts of the script are done (so delineated because I don't delineate pages or panels in my scripts and I want to show you the progress somehow).

Page assignments and progress:
Cover - antoinette721 (done, uploaded)
Descriptor page - Myself (not done)
Page 1 - kentuckyfriedhatred (in progress)
Page 2-? - not assigned


The Broken #2: Developing a Sense of Self Part 1: Stealth, Chapter 2: What Happened During Pride High #2
By Ave Messer

SPLIT: Link to her bio. Does not have her costume yet.
PROTEAN: Link to his bio. Does not have his costume yet.
SURAVI: Link to her bio
MINDSWEEPER: Link to his bio

(Opening page is a descriptor page-which I will provide. It is a summary of the previous issue, with some expository on what happened in between the two issues. Actual issue opens in SPLIT's dorm room. Though her roommate is not there, give an indication that someone lives in there on the other side of the room. SPLIT is sitting on her bed, reading. PROTEAN is in a winged cat form on her lap, and she is absently petting him)

SPLIT: (Stops petting PROTEAN and looks down from her book) Okay, Vince, I think I've indulged long enough.

PROTEAN: (Stretching his head up towards SPLIT's hand as it pulls away) Huh?

SPLIT: Y'know, it's kinda creepy, petting you, even when you're a cat.

PROTEAN: Please keep petting me?

SPLIT: Just go back to human form, Vince.

PROTEAN: (Sighs and shifts back: the wings suck into his body and he grows taller, fur disappearing and generally going back to full human form, until he is a teenage boy again)

SPLIT: There. Problem solved.

PROTEAN: Oh, by the way, did you hear about the new ISC squad that was formed?

SPLIT: IS what, huh? I don't… Vince!

PROTEAN: (Was cleaning his head with his hand, but stops) Uh, sorry. You know, residual personality traits. But, you don't remember about the ISC?

SPLIT: Should I have?

PROTEAN: Um, Amber, we had a whole assembly on it on the first day. Or, wait, was George the one there?

SPLIT: (Sighs) No, I was there. I just forgot. What was it about, again?

PROTEAN: The Inter-Squad Championship. There's a team this year that I thought you'd be interested in. Pride High. It's a gay-straight alliance.

SPLIT: Um… huh? Why do you think I'd be interested in it?

PROTEAN: Um, well, I don't know how many occasions you have told me that certain girls look hot. Suravi is on the team.

SPLIT: Sur… avi?

PROTEAN: Blind chick. Wears yellow all the time?

SPLIT: (Perks up) Her? She is hot, I'll give her that.

PROTEAN: (Chuckles) I thought you'd be interested in that information. Besides, Mindsweeper is on the team, as well. He's that athletic black guy you always fawn over whenever he's around.

SPLIT: Yes, he's quite hot, as well. (Imagines MINDSWEEPER and SURAVI side by side, holding out flowers to the front of the panel) Mm, wouldn't that be a dream date? Both him and her?

PROTEAN: (MINDSWEEPER pops out of the image in a puff of cloud) Um, well, if you take him out of the equation.

SPLIT: (Looks over at PROTEAN and blushes) I'm sorry. I didn't mean to imply that you…

PROTEAN: Oh, no offense taken. To each their own. But I understand where you're coming from with that. Sadly for you, you'll never get a chance with him.

SPLIT: (Looks at PROTEAN quizzically. About to speak before a realization dawns) Oh, GSA, he's gay. I get it.

PROTEAN: (Facepalms) Amber, you really need to open your eyes. He and that Jorge kid are all over each other. It's not like it's a secret that they're a couple.

SPLIT: They are? I can't remember seeing anything that would indicate. But… that means that girl is still fair game.

PROTEAN: Suravi. And not to me, sadly.

SPLIT: Eh, wishful thinking for me. She wouldn't be interested in me and she's probably taken, anyways.

PROTEAN: Don't be so hard on your-

(He is drowned out by shouting and tromping of feet outside. SPLIT looks up, startled)

SPLIT: What's going on?

PROTEAN: (Shifts into a canine form and puts his ear to the door) Something's wrong at the Battledome.

SPLIT: Think we should check it out?

TEACHER: (Voice from the hall, shouting extremely loudly) Everybody return to your rooms! (PROTEAN whimpers and scurries away, changing back at the same time)

SPLIT: I wonder who was there this time? I hope everyone is okay.

PROTEAN: (Puts his arm around SPLIT, and she leans into him) I'm sure everything is fine. You're not absorbing anybody, right?

SPLIT: (Smiles at him. Thinks) We're probably too far away, whatever is the case.
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