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Green parts of the script are done (so delineated because I don't delineate pages or panels in my scripts and I want to show you the progress somehow).

Page assignments and progress:
Cover - antoinette721 (done, uploaded)
Page 1 - Myself (done, uploaded)
Page 2 - AnitaWu-designs, colors by myself (uploaded–some changes pending, though)
Page 3-? - Unassigned


The Broken #1: Developing a Sense of Self Part 1: Stealth, Chapter 1: Coming Out
By Ave Messer

SPLIT: Link to bio. Arab descent with green eyes and naturally brown hair. Favorite color is yellow, and wears it often. Does not have her costume yet.

MARY SEES: Caucasian, red hair, of a higher weight than normal. Pleasing demeanor.

JACK SEES: Caucasian, strong-looking. Intimidating presence, but not always domineering.

GEORGE SEES: Caucasian, red hair. Typically masculine child of his age. When in Amber's head, he is shown by a stronger demeanor, with more confidence.


PROTEAN: Link to bio. Does not have his costume yet.

(Open to black panel-maybe splash)

Text Box (MARY SEES's voice): Adrian? Adrian?

(POV of SPLIT opening eyes a crack to overpowering light)


MARY SEES: (Unseen, but maybe indicated where she is in the light) Oh my baby, it's so good to hear your voice.

(Eyes open all the way as the scenery comes into view: a hospital room, and MARY SEES and JACK SEES are standing over SPLIT, who is in bed. Possibly indicate some injuries on them, nothing more serious than a broken arm. After the establishing shot of them standing over SPLIT, you can feel free to take up any point of view in the room that feels the most appropriate. SPLIT is 10 and in a half body cast-waist to ankles. The legs are spread, knees bent slightly, with a bar inbetween to keep them apart.)

SPLIT: Wh- what happened?

MARY SEES: (Possibly moving to comfort SPLIT) Never mind. You're safe now.

Text Box (SPLIT's narration): But I remembered everything.

(Cut to the family car, whether interior or exterior first is your preference. However, interior should probably be shown for story purposes, so it would be nice if you didn't stay in just an exterior shot. JACK SEES is driving, MARY SEES is in the passenger seat, SPLIT-10-is in the back seat behind the driver, and GEORGE SEES-12-is in the back passenger seat. They are driving down a Las Vegas street, coming to an intersection. It doesn't necessarily have to be on the strip, but there should be indication that this is a desert city.)

Text Box (SPLIT's narration): Only I was hoping it was just a dream.

(They head through a green light when another car runs the red and slams into the passenger side.)

Text Box (SPLIT's narration): Wait. That was the side where…

(Cut back to the hospital scene)

SPLIT: George? What happened–

(JACK SEES and MARY SEES don't say anything, but their faces give away the fact that GEORGE is dead. Time elapse to when SPLIT is taken out of the hospital, in a wheelbarrow because the cast can't fit in a wheelchair)

Text box (SPLIT's thoughts): It was embarrassing to have to be wheeled around all the time, and in a wheelbarrow, no less. Femurs are the worst bones to break. (Cut to SPLIT in bed at home) It was in bed I felt most at home.

(SPLIT is reading and textbooks and papers are left to the side, obviously unopened. Cut to JACK SEES in the doorway, his face and hair soaked)

JACK SEES: That was amazing!

SPLIT: Huh? (Looks down at her now empty hands. Thinks) Wasn't I reading just a second ago?

JACK SEES: I mean, I know your brother had it, but you too? You're gonna go to Poseidon, my boy. Make us all proud. (Frowns, looking at SPLIT's textbooks) But you've gotta study, son. Can't be doing this. (Picks up one of the textbooks, to show there is writing all over it) It's pretty prestigious, Adrian. You need to keep those grades up. George didn't stand a chance because he couldn't focus. Don't keep acting like him. I mean, I loved him, but he needed more guidance. You were always on the honor roll. Don't forget that. (Sets the book down next to SPLIT) Make your mother and I proud. (Places his hand on SPLIT's shoulder, then turns and walks out of the room)

SPLIT: (Places her hand where her father's had been, showing in facial expressions that this was a rare opportunity that her dad was affectionate. Then picks up the book and opens it, seeing text all over. Her expression turns to shock as she sees what's written: “Get out of my head!” and “This is my body, Adrian. I don't know how you convinced them otherwise, but stop. You're the one who died, not me.” can be seen, as well as other diatribes by George as to him being the one who lived. SPLIT slaps the book closed, still shocked)

Text box (SPLIT's thoughts): (Scenes to accompany the text) The cast came off, and I taught myself how to walk again. (Fingers an inch and a half long, half-centimeter wide vertical scar on her right leg) Only one mark left to show from the accident. (More scenes to accompany the text) It was when my hair was mysteriously dyed that I was taken in to a therapist and diagnosed with Disassociative Identity Disorder. But I knew they were wrong. He had the same personality and powers as George, so I knew it was him. But something weighed more heavily on my mind. (Age 13, about to take a razor to her genitals) I came close to hurting myself. I had to tell them.

SPLIT: (Walks to the doorway of the living room, where JACK SEES and MARY SEES are sitting on the couch, watching TV. Walks shakily and nervously in) Mom, Dad… (They turn to face her, and she nervously puts her hand to the back of her neck) Um, I want to be a girl.

(Cut to JACK SEES, angrily driving the car, taking SPLIT towards Poseidon Prep)

JACK SEES: Poseidon's gonna get those fag thoughts outta your head, boy. They've gotta. They're a private school. They always shape up deviant behavior. (Stops outside a modest-looking school building, where SPLIT looks at the marquee that says “Counseling Office” ) It's gonna take time, but you just need to keep seeing her every week. Now get in there. (SPLIT gets out of the car while JACK SEES does not. SPLIT enters the counseling office and is directed to the correct office)

(Cut to inside the counselor's office)

COUNSELOR: I can't and won't change who you are. If you wish to express yourself here in any way, that is fine with us. Now, tell me about this “George” personality…

Text box (SPLIT's thoughts): (With cutting to scenes appropriate to the text, again) I decided to circumvent my dad and registered as female. Luckily, the person I talked to was empathic and sympathetic. (SPLIT leaves the office with school forms listing her as Amber Sees, and female)

(Cut to SPLIT on the first day of school, wearing a yellow t-shirt and a pink skirt while walking down the hall past the trophy case. Possibly show PROTEAN in the background noticing the exchange)

GEORGE: (From the reflection in the trophy case) You can't fool anyone, Adrian.

SPLIT: (Looks at her reflection) Leave me alone, George.

GEORGE: (Possibly shown in contrast-though the reflection is still SPLIT, by the way it holds itself, it is obviously George talking, while Amber is not holding the same pose-from the reflection) I'm gonna get control at some point.

SPLIT: And what? You think that you can then just expose me for who you say I am? I'm already here. They know me as Amber. Are you ready to be ridiculed because of this? (Catches a glimpse of PROTEAN watching and turns away, muttering to herself about the stupidity of acknowledging George's presence out in the open)

(Cut to the lunch room, and SPLIT eating a slice of pizza, her carton of white milk currently untouched)

PROTEAN: (Off-panel, but in front of SPLIT) Can I sit here?

SPLIT: (Looks up to see PROTEAN. When she speaks, her mouth is obviously full of food) Sure.

PROTEAN: (Sitting down) I saw you earlier today, talking to yourself.

SPLIT: (Mouth empty now. Looks sheepishly down at her food) Oh, uh…

PROTEAN: I… just wanted to say, I think I know what you're going through. I'm Vince.

SPLIT: Um… So, huh?

PROTEAN: Well, I'm sure you've already heard about me. (SPLIT shakes her head) Really? Well, I have… I'm schizophrenic, and I understand what it's like to hear voices that aren't your own.

SPLIT: Well, George doesn't just…

PROTEAN: George? What?

SPLIT: They say I have multiple personalities. But George is my brother. He can't be that.

PROTEAN: (Looks at SPLIT quizzically) Um?

SPLIT: He takes control sometimes, and I have no idea what he's doing. He can do things with water, and I love him, but he wants to completely take control.

Text box (SPLIT's thoughts): (With requisite scenes) Before I knew it, I was pouring my whole life story out to him. Well, almost. I kind of left out the transgender information.

PROTEAN: So, do you have a codename yet? I'm thinking Myther for myself. Or Myth Marauder. Or Creature Boy. Or… Aww, they all suck.

SPLIT: Well, um, I'm no superhero.

PROTEAN: Ooh, I know what you could be. Split. Get it? As in split personalities? Unless your brother wants some stupid moniker like Hydro-Boy. Would sound kind of funny for you to use, though-

SPLIT: I don't deserve a codename, Vince. Really.

PROTEAN: Aw, c'mon, you can-

(The bell rings)

SPLIT: (Beginning to pick up her stuff) It was nice meeting you, Vince. (Starts to walk away)

PROTEAN: You, too.

SPLIT: (Turns back and smiles, before turning to head to class. Thinks) Hopefully I'll run into him again.
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