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selecthumor at 11:37AM, Dec. 6, 2010
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Okay, now that a good chunk of things that I needed to be done here in college is done, we can finally get out of filler hell somewhat and go on to the next page! The next page will update tomorrow and Friday as the schedule of actual comics continue (being Tuesdays and Fridays as many times as I can). :D

Thank you all for being so patient with me: and thank you for all the support that I got in the forms of replys, ratings and even pageviews! :D

Ironically, this next chapter is somewhat more moodier and dramatic than the previous chapter, thus going against my username “selectHUMOR.” Regardless, I hope you all would like it as I placed much time and effort in making this specific story arc.

With the script done, some thumbnails finished, reference sheets finalized and poems written: let the next chapter of Hephaestus be a great one!
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