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selecthumor at 7:44AM, Nov. 15, 2010
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While I encourage most forms of artistic media, and would be flattered for whatever is created inspired by my work, I do have to set some guidelines for what I will accept. The rules to fanart also apply to fan-fiction

RULE 1: Please keep it tasteful for others to see. Keep in mind that this webcomic is currently T+ and any fanart should reflect that rating.

RULE 2: My stance on boy-boy and girl-girl pairing fanart is slipshod at best. So long as it's tasteful (keep in mind the rating), I wouldn't mind it being posted. I however, as the author, would be slightly disturbed to some degree though…

RULE 3: While constructive criticism is encouraged in rating other persons fanart, I expect that excessive heckling against other artists is not seen in these forums. Please assume that any fanart drawn by other people is done at the best abilities of others…

RULE 4: Be creative and have fun with it! :D
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