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MAPLE: Canadian Military Black Op organization which was established and dissolved in WWII with the mission to create anti meta weapons in case the meta humans (which were increasing in numbers around the world rapidly in WWII) decided to turn on the world. Run by General E.P. Morgan, they mainly dealt with technological advancements. One scientist who shall still remain nameless however took up a secret project in direct violation to the General's wishes. The project was to use biological engineering to create his own super powered creatures that would obey his own orders alone. The three creations he finished were
Project Harks Cry (AKA Phoenix) Once a 20 year old girl, Julie Djean was diagnosed with an incurable disease which would slowly kill her. She signed up for the project in hopes that they would find a cure for her disease. Though the transformation cured her, it also gave her amnesia so she forgot who she was and what she was. The doctor lost control of her and had to put her into a forced state of sleep to keep himself safe. Her powers include
Fire Powers she can turn herself ablaze, shoot fire, control fire, fire flight, and turn into a flaming phoenix
Size Changing In human form she can grow to about 20 ft and shrink to about 4 cm. In fire form she can't shrink as much but can grow to the size of a small forest

Eventually when Chet turning into Shock releases her, she rampages until Wireless reminds her of who she is and though she's still very naive to the world around her, it all seeming new to her, she is fighting for the right side

Project Thor's Hammer (AKA Thunderclap) Haven't really stretched him out yet but basically similar story, though he did it because he loved super heroes. the process had a stronger affect on his mind making him very…. Hulk mentality like? His powers include super strength, invulnerability, and sound wave powers. When Shock's transformation woke him he also rampaged and after MUCH work, Wireless managed to calm him down

Project Creeping Death The most frightening of all the doctor's experiments. Only to be used if the world was doomed. Creeping death had no shred of humanity in it as it was entirely made through genetic engineering. It's powers are control over all shadows and darkness and it feeds off of death. Although it uses a lot of power to live, all it needs is something or someone to die near it and it will become stronger than ever. Seemingly intangible unless it wants to attack it has only one purpose. To kill everything on the planet

Eventually the doctor was discovered, and on top of the discovery of black market dealings between some of the other scientists and super villains MAPLE was disbanded. The doctor had been working on several new stronger mutagens for an unknown reason but disappeared without a trace before they could be used
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