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Macattack at 4:59AM, April 21, 2011
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(will be expanded slowly)

Wireless: AKA Kyle Canton. Gr 12 highschool student in Canada who one day gained super powers due to lightning striking his backyard overcharging his wireless devices and microwave which mixed with his brain waves. Powers include;
Force Powers: Force fields, force lifting, force bolts, force flight by using force lifting (energy created with the mental mind… think Star Wars)
Electrical Powers: Lightning bolts (slight force tint to them), ability to power items
Super Speed
Wireless Powers: Ability to connect and interact with any wireless device (cell phones and most security systems included) using his mind. Also the ability to connect to the internet mentally anytime for reference material

Weaknesses: His body is vulnerable when not in force fields, he does not have super strength, if he becomes soaked in water while powered up or after not powering up for a while he will short out, must power up at least once a month or else building power in him overloads
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