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Rough Notes
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Okay so I'm still trying to figure out how this forum thing actually works but in the mean time I'm going to try and post the main time line here so I have something to refer to… I'll add dates later

*Note* You will notice (provided you're actually devoted enough to my comic to read this) that I have incorporated the Drunkduck superhero universe into this time line

-The age of the Greek God's die out and metahumans go into hiding for centuries
-Superheroes come to America in the 20's
-WWII America enters with help of super heroes. Metahumans start to come out of hiding
-Secret Canadian government project to create metahumans loyal only to their orders
-End of WWII Canadian interest in Metahumans falls
-1940's Power patriot
-1995 Kyle meets Jennifer in Kindergarten. Become instant friends
-1997 Energize gains powers at age 18
-New Millennium hits and metahumans begin to make a come back
-Kyle's parents killed in drunk driver accident. Charges are mysteriously not seen through. Kelly gives up going to university to keep the siblings together
-America becomes drowned in metahumans
-2005?? Energize becomes public hero (See Energize 1 pg. 21)
-Kyle goes to highschool
-HU initiative starts
-2007 the “Date Killer” serial killer begins his rounds
-Tech Inc discovers wireless technology runs on same pattern as brain waves
-Reporter with bug placed in Tech Inc office writes article on wireless technology causing mass hysteria and Tech Inc to lose business
-Kyle gains his powers
-Adventures in episode 1 (lost episode)of trying to learn how to use them
-Jennifer is killed and Chet is let off scott free
-Chet overhears Kyle mention wireless technology power surge giving him his powers
-Kyle takes on the role of Wireless as secret vigilante
-The watcher of superheroes takes notice of Kyle's actions
-Chet volunteers for experiment at Father's company (Tech Inc)to prove Wireless Technology is safe
-Spike causes power surge giving Chet powers… also accidently knocks over biological chemicals on top of Chet turning him into monster
-Chet flies out to take on Kyle
-Kyle learns how to fly
-Chet's father orders men to grab whatever weapons they can find to hunt down Chet, sends scientists up to investigate abandoned government biology lab
-Chet attacks Wireless
-Chet knocks Wireless in front of live news report. Kyle reacts blowing up camera
-News of Canadian Metahumans spreads across all channels instantly
-Chet's father catches report and orders his men to shoot to kill thinking Chet is contagious
-Army gets there just as Chet knocks Wireless unconscious (friends hide him)
-Chet destroys a number of things before fleeing taking on the new name “Shock”
-Chet's father returns to lab to find scientists murdered gruesomely
-Chet's father contacts the government to ask what was in the lab
-Chet's father learns that there were three projects from Operation Hero Canuck that had been kept in suspended animation for decades which the power outage had released
-Chet's father changes company to anti super weaponry
-Canada goes into anti-metahuman rage in fear of becoming a disaster zone like the states (think of destruction caused by superhero fights)
-Kailee encourages Kyle to maybe be a more public hero to help his image
-stopping a bank robbery fails and Kyle goes into hiding
-Canada suddenly has an outbreak of supervillains encouraged by the media
-Kailee finds Kyle and encourages him to come back
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