Shock's Demise! Team up Querry
Macattack at 5:21AM, April 21, 2011
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Hey all! As you will soon realize, there is no possible way Wireless can take down Shock alone. Because of this, in the ‘final’ confrontation (still a while to go don't worry) I intend to have him team up with another hero to help take him down.

Though I don't really care if it's a legendary hero or one who's new to the scene, as most heroes at this point would be higher ranking than Wireless for simply having lived in countries that deal with super villains; there are some preferences I have for who it should be.

1. It should be someone from the Ha/Hu story arc as by that point Wireless should have joined Heroes Alliance
2. If you choose an immensely underpowered hero… like someone who's head is a fridge (sorry Hero couldn't resist) then you need to include an example of how they could actually help take down Shock.
3. As ultimately awesomely cool to the enth degree as it would be…. Energize is probably out of the picture A) because I'd want to have SOME fight happen, and B) because he seems a little busy with his own problems at the moment

Anyways, give your vote, and hopefully I'll have enough to see a general pattern and then go out and beg and plead the author of their comic to let me use them

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