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Calling all heroes!
shastab24 at 8:47PM, April 11, 2011
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Okay, you have a trans superhero which you would love to see in the comic? Post that character in this thread, which makes it easy for the writers to know who is available, who to contact if they use said character (which I recommend so you can fine-tune the dialogue and actions with those who know the characters better than anyone else) and easy access to biographical information. I will update the list below as more characters are offered.

Characters offered:
Split, Sparkle, Astral, Eiderdown, Fractal (ShastaB24)
Madame Fatal (public domain character)
Liberty (Martin Eden)

I offer my characters first, of course (with more coming when I can finally get my print comics off the ground):

Split from the Pride High universe (not my comics, but I created the character on the message boards, where it is encouraged to do so).

Real name: Diamond June (formerly Greg Weston)
Gender: Female (though she is male biologically)
Ethnicity: Caucasian, mostly German and Russian
Place of birth: Missouri
Orientation: Straight (attracted to men)
Age: 21
Height: 6'9“ in normal state
Weight: 300 lbs in normal state
Powers: Much like the Hulk, Sparkle has strength, size, toughness, and density that increases with strong emotions, often rage. In her base state, she is quite strong, as well.
Limitations: Intelligence generally decreases when she bulks up, and her normal IQ would place her in a slower learning program. Also, when her strength increases, though her height will increase, it is not always enough and it is harder for her bulk to move and so she decreases in speed. As well, she is quite vulnerable to mental attacks.
Physical appearance/personality: Diamond truly does try to look feminine and likes being girly, but she has the physique of a linebacker. In other words, despite her best efforts, she will always look like a man in a dress. She likes wearing pink and is often quite happy around people, but prone to fluctuating emotions, and does not take it well when insulted–often running away crying but could hit someone if they persist.
History: Born in the Bible belt, Diamond found it difficult to be herself. Her naturally large physique clashed with her identity and, after years of ridicule for being feminine yet looking so masculine, she ran California (on foot). Sheltering herself in a more tolerant Humboldt County, she lives in Arcata without any ties to her family and considers Astral, whom she met there, to be her true sister. She has done her share of super-heroics,taking the name Sparkle because she wanted ”some part of me to sparkle all the time".

Real name: Colton White (formerly Mary White)
Gender: Male (though he is female biologically)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of birth: Arcata, CA
Orientation: Straight (attracted to women)
Age: 24
Height: 5'4“ (6'0” in astral state)
Weight: 120 lbs (200 lbs in astral state)
Powers: Astral is like a Captain Marvel and Negative Man cross. He can project his astral form into the physical plane. This form has the powers of flight, super strength and super speed.
Limitations: When he is in his astral form, Colton is susceptible to attacks to his physical body. If his body is killed, his astral form will also be destroyed. As well, the astral form is incredibly susceptible to psychic attacks, being a psychic construct in itself.
Physical appearance/personality: Colton can't help but look feminine and has built up a confrontational attitude towards anybody that brings this up. He often wears bulky clothing to try and hide his feminine physique, but this hardly ever works. However, his astral form is the picture of masculinity, with barrel chest and stubble. He seems more confident and relaxed in this form.
History: Colton has lived in Arcata his whole life and knows how fortunate he is to be in a more accepting place than other parts of the US, but found himself wishing he could be more masculine from a young age. He did not know of a burgeoning psychic power and so was surprised when he first projected his astral form, which took the guise of who he most wanted to be. Since then, he worked ard at physical manifestation and never cared to explore the more mental aspects of his powers. He gravitated towards heroics after reading omic books and quickly established a name for himself in Humboldt County and some of the surrounding areas. At one time he met Sparkle and has offered support as the other's extended family, helping Sparkle to use her gifts for the greater good, and helping teach her about the world.

Also my characters of Eiderdown and Fractal. Their information later.
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shastab24 at 8:53PM, April 11, 2011
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Just a warning: This iste second of a triple post. I just wanted separate posts for these characters as I did not create them.

First is Madame Fatal, who is in the public domain. The character will be a founding member, and will be more of a drag-themed Batman-type, with gadgets hidden in innocuous items like a compact and the like (the gadgets as a response to true supervillains that will be faced eventually, which cannot be beaten by simply cracking a cane against their head).
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shastab24 at 9:00PM, April 11, 2011
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Last post of the triple post:

Martin Eden of Spandex has allowed the use of Liberty in the comic. Also check out this post on the Spandex site, where you can see Liberty in full costumed glory (the one in the purple costume), since that rainbow thing on the bio page is not the costume.
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