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Fastmax at 10:23AM, June 11, 2011
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I'm going to start something here I won't finish. But it's gotta come out.

Just like money, prisons are “a control device”, to get you to conform.
What exactly are you conforming to? Is it just to perform the usual 9 to 5 Monday through Friday grind?
What are you being made to conform to,.. and of why?

We've perpetuated this political and economic system here in America to what it is today.
We unthinkingly follow long established conventions.
And how well is it doing for you? The system's faltering. And that's only so because of the ethics of those “people” who run it, -not the mechanism.

Who are they then?
They are of Industry. It's not the governments, or the militaries. Not even the banks.

When government needs an expert who do they turn to to get the truth of the matter?
An industry expert.
When the military needs a new gun ..who makes it for them? A manufacturing factory.
When you want to eat ..what do you go out and buy? A product.
And what is it that they teach to you while you're “In”.
If you're lucky, ..A trade.

So where does control truly reign with?


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El Cid at 1:22PM, June 11, 2011
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Wrong thread, dude! This subforum's only for the Lite Bites Review segments. For issues concerning the stories, you should go to the Stories Subforum. This actually is an interesting discussion topic, so I've gone ahead and reposted it there for you.

Probably best that this thread be closed, to avoid any confusion?

EDIT: Link to “Out” thread in the Stories Subforum: Click here
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