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I'm Back! Announcements, News, the Changeover and ideas...
OnlyFoolsAndVikings at 2:21AM, June 28, 2011
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First off: I'm back, s'all good, I didn't die, I was away for a few days with my dad, doin' shit all. Hur hur hur, and I regret nothing.


Once again, thankyou to all those who contributed in the Question time, I am definately going to do it again some time, maybe in a different format, maybe in comic form, maybe in written form again, or maybe even a proper live interview with one of the characters (though I don't know how I would do that, and I might need some help putting that together)

Thoughts? Opinons?


Well the changover for DD is coming at the end of the week (Friday you lazy sack of crap) and DD may be down for the weekend (this is understandable) I am definately looking forward to the new site and its mystical upgrades and shiney new things. During those few days there will definately be no updates, but hey, you probably won't be on, so you're not going to miss much.

I'm a little worried and scared about the changeover, and I hope all my files and comics remain at the end of the changeover, and I can still access them, because if I couldn't for some reason I would probably crawl into a hole and die.

Good luck Duck, I'm glad to see you've finished your 12-step programme and you are on the road to recovery, where the streets are lined with coke bottles rather than beer bottles and you will now be everybody's designated driiiiivvveerrrrr.


I have heaps of ideas floating around for Gods Almighty, how I run the site and various other things, first off, the HTML thing I've got going, what do you think? Yes yes, I know it's simple, I've never coded before now, so that's what I managed. Any colour changes, any ideas to make it better? ANY ONE OFFERING HELP? BECAUSE I'LL TAKE IT IF YOU OFFER IT, I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL I'M DOING!!

I'm also consdiering perhaps running more “contests”, or Freebies as they should be called. Since I've got very little to do during the holidays, I might do some freebie stuff, so sketches for people, doodles, short comics involving some fans, I dunno, it's just an idea.

Oh and you know this gay ass Forum thing I've set up?


Any ideas on what to fill it witch? Because I've got nuthin'

I was thinking maybe some threads just for News, Contest/Freebie situation, Ideas for the Comic, General discussion about what ever, and fuck only knows what else…



I'll just leave.


of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most.
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