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In the 1930's the world faced a war the likes of which hadn't been seen in centuries. With Germany's attempts to conquer the world it looked like there would be no hope of other's countries' survival. That was, until something unexpected happened.
Heroes, with powers not heard of since the Greek gods, came forward to fight the enemy. What caused their timely arrival? No one can quite tell. Perhaps it was some unknown gene in the human DNA unlocked by the stress of what was happening, or perhaps it was some entity watching over the human race. Whatever the cause, the results were apparent.
Morales shot sky high as heroes popped up all over the world giving hope that perhaps they could survive this ordeal. Canada had it's own plethura of heroes, but not everyone was cheering.
A group of Canadian military personnell asked the question “What will we ever do if these heroes go rogue?”
After a few simulations the results were apparent. Should the heroes ever take their place as rulers of the planet there was no force on earth strong enough to stop them.
Because of this data, CSIS allowed a black ops group called M.A.P.L.E. (Metahuman Aggression Protective and Lethal Equipment) under the watchful eye of General Morton. M.A.P.L.E.'s purpose was to design and create weapons which could be use to protect Canada against a Metahuman crisis.
Eventually the war ended and Canada went back into peaceful times. Although other countries went on gaining new heroes to save them from all sorts of disasters, Canada's heroes slowly faded into the night and no one seemed to notice. Despite the great progress they had made for their time, M.A.P.L.E. slowly began to lose it's government backing. Finally, after a scandulous affair, the government shut down M.A.P.L.E. quietly and sold off whatever labs could not be safely destroyed to businesses to use for research provided certain criteria was followed. One such lab was the Research facility Tech Inc held it's experiment on Chet Masters when he gained his powers.
The recent Canadian Metahuman Crisis (CMC) has led to the government reinitiating M.A.P.L.E. in partnership with Tech Inc. Together, General Morton and Charles Masters strive to save their country from the metahuman menice that plague their streets.
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