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Heroes Alliance in Wireless Universe
Macattack at 9:24PM, July 18, 2011
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Wireless is scheduled to appear in Heroes Alliance episode “Crossed Wires” (And will hopefully appear in many more after that one) and as such the question is raised, how closely are these two worlds tied?
The answer is they're actually VERY closely tied! 
Heroes Unite, Heroes Alliance, Bombshell, Vora, Impractical Mr Imp, Virtus, etc, they've all been very present in this world, though Canada's been fairly peaceful up until the CMC (Canadian Metahuman Crisis). For the most part, Canada's followed other countries' heroes fairly well but only as well as we'd follow Brittany Spears or *Insert actually pertinant actor here*
Once the CMC began, Canada still didn't quite make headlines (seriously a nuke could go off here and no one would know) but some heroes who take world events more seriously (Bombshell, Shell, Relik, etc) kept close tabs on it. This led to the frustration as to what could they do? The country had banned the entrance of any “Hero” or “Vigilante” and any attempt to help could risk international image. Thus their surprise to meet a young teen with super powers who refused to give up on his country… even when his country had given up on him.
In the Wireless comics there are occassionally background refferences to other HU/HA characters through newspapers or signs. There will hopefully be more connections the longer the story progresses

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