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The Canadian Metahuman Crisis (CSC)
Macattack at 8:30AM, July 19, 2011
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As mentioned in other posts, In the time of Wireless, Canada has been without heroes for about 60 years. An entire generation has grown up, and another has become established since then and memories of any of Canada's Golden age Super Heroes are all but forgotten entirely.
Though the Canadian newspapers normally published stories of super heroes around the world these were more celebrity collums. Sure if you were to mention someone like “Energize” or “Bombshell” Canadians would have a rough idea who they were and what the world thought of them, but probablly would not be able to tell you much more.
When Shock first fought Wireless (Ch. 2) Wireless was knocked in front of a live news report. Though there had been some media coverage of Wireless' actions before now it had mainly been Inquirerer interviews such as “Man's daughter claims to be saved by angel”. This was the first real footage of Canadian Metahumans and the media ate it up. Within minutes the news stations were filled with footage of the “Glowing Eyed Monster” telling of how it brutally attacked a reporter and bringing up stories of collateral damage caused by meta human fights around the world. The people protested and in desperation the government put a ban on the entry of any meta humans into the country.
When General Morton of the once active black op group M.A.P.L.E. made a gruesome discovery above the lab where Shock was created; he called the Prime Minister about his fears which initiated the War Measure's act sending the entire country into panic.
Most super heroes around the world respected the “Meta ban” placed by the Canadian government, however the super villains? With a country in utter chaos, no super heroes allowed in to stop them, and only a small army to fight them, Super Villains plagued the streets of Canada.
Realizing that the army stood no match for the super villains throughout the country, and furthermore realizing that they couldn't allow the super heroes back into the country without causing a rebellion, the Canadian Government reinstituted M.A.P.L.E., a government black ops group from WWII who's purpose was to create anti meta weaponry. M.A.P.L.E. then teamed up with Tech Inc. who, after the incident with Chet, felt they could not go back to simply creating wireless technology.

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