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Kelly Canton
Macattack at 12:26PM, July 19, 2011
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Kelly Canton is the older sister of Kyle Canton. From day 1 she was always destined to great things. A straight A student, talented in sports, drama, music, and art, head of almost every club in the school. She had just been accepted into Queens University for a majour in English language and literature and a minor in global development when disaster struck. Losing both parents in a car accident and having no known immediate family to help out Kelly was forced to decide between university or what family she had left. Taking on several minimum wage jobs such as a waitress, cashier, and librarian, Kelly has worked seven days a week for the last eight years in order to support herself and her brother. Although she sometimes wonders what kind of life she could have had if she had taken any post secondary degree, she is just thankful that her brother and herself are still together.

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