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Kailee LeClaire
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Kailee moved to Kanata Ontario from Gaspe Quebec when she was just going into Grade 9. When she first arrived at Kanata she was bullied a lot for her Quebec heritage. She was about ready to decide she hated Kanata when she met Kyle Canton. 
Kyle had seen what Kailee had been going through and therefore decided to try extra hard to make her feel welcome. Although Kyle wasn't the most popular kid nor did Kailee really have that much in common with him, she was greatful for the friendship and over time the two became quite good friends. She now spends most her time reading scripts and hanging with Kyle and Jordan (though she admittedly finds Jordan a little strange). She is involved in every school play and hopes to pursue theater after highschool.
Kailee looks up to Kyle seeing him as a kid who's willing to put himself on the line to do what's right. As such she often finds herself working as Kyle's conscience often encouraging him to be better than he is.
Kailee is a spunky girl who's not afraid to tell anyone off if she thinks they need it. She absolutely loves drama and therefore has a large variety of scripts and costumes in her house. Daughter of a factory worker from Gaspe Quebec, she is not exactly the richest girl in the city though she lives comfortably. Kailee dreams to see the world a better place, and although she can't do much, tries to do whatever she can to help others. A little stubbourn and not afraid to voice her concerns, she does tend to get in trouble at times but her good hearted personality tends to get her out of it

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