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Jordan Huberts
Macattack at 1:00PM, July 19, 2011
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Jordan Huberts is the son of Johanne Huberts and Carl Huberts. Despite his mother's Haitian background Jordan has always been incredibly pale. Jordan also has a younger sister named Kaila who is 6.
Jordan is a self proclaimed geek and proud of it. Her parents both work for Tech Inc as robot engineers and Jordan has often helped them with their work. An absolute genius, it has some times been confusing for teachers why Jordan much prefers playing video games to studying for tests.
Jordan met Kyle Canton in gr 7 during study hall. While Kyle attended the study hall due to his inability to pay for field trips and large events, Jordan attended study hall because he found it more interesting than events. Being the only two students in study hall, the two became good friends and often played games together.
Now in highschool, Jordan spends most his time hanging out with Kyle and Kailee though he can often be in his own little world puzzling through one invention or another. After highschool Jordan wants to become a freelance inventor and considering the types of inventions he's capable of making he could very well do it

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