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Nepath at 1:45AM, July 24, 2011
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The Heroes Unite relaunches on 12/10/2011 as an ongoing series. It will feature a team of six heroes coming together to deal witha threat to the world! 
The new series is being written by Spudsy who is probably best known for creating TAZER and EXOCET amongst others.
After ending the HU as a community project I gave the title Heroes Alliance to Abt_Nihil to take over and it was always the intention to bring the HU back in this new capacity. Spudy is FULL of big ideas and they are usually wildly different from my own so we decided that he would be the controlling force of this new HU.
I am woking on this series as an artist only. Finally, the BIGGER news is that Spudy will also be taking over the writing and direction of ENERGIZE in the not too distant future.
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