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Holy moly! Lite bites got featured.
Genejoke at 1:13AM, Aug. 1, 2011
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Thankyou for featuring Lite bites, well timed as we just started getting it back on rack after the change over.  
Good choice of image as well, Skreems art in that one was fantastic.
So thanks and i'm sure all the contributers fell the same.
Also thanks to Gunwallace, shastab24, El cid, Elektro, Skreem, Theorah, jza963, Asbin, mehighlow,  jody and hunchdebunch for contributing.  
Oh and thanks to those who are helping with reviews too. Pitface, tantz aerine and Mike macdee.
skoolmunkee at 1:30AM, Aug. 1, 2011
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I hope some people decide to get involved, too! There's lots of different things people could do… :]
Genejoke at 3:20AM, Aug. 1, 2011
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joined: 4-9-2010
Fingers crossed.  You could lead by example if you wanted…   
I Am The 1337 Master at 4:33AM, Aug. 1, 2011
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This is awesome.

Makes me happy that it's still

(I still have to do something for that…I just feel obliged do do a five page story or something…)

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