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Seeking character artist for a homebrew game.
NickyP at 8:12PM, Oct. 1, 2011
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Hey, so I'm looking for an artist to do some character artwork for my main game project. It's not much really, I'd just like one full bodied, profile style art of each character (there's 7). The art style can be anything really, but I do have a preference for manga/anime. The art would be used in an ingame character profile section, and the image files would be included with the game itself in a seperate folder.
The game uses all NES (8-bit) sprites and mainly NES music too. It's sort of a throwback, neo-retro game. It's specifically a tribute to River City Ransom, as the sprites and gameplay style is borrowed from that game (as well as including a port of it). You can see a nice gameplay video here…
What may turn you off is that this isn't a paying deal. I'm not making any money off of this (nor did I ever intend to). This is purely a fangame that'll be free for everyone to play. I'm coding it for free and, well, you'd make the art for free. But I am certainly one to give credit where credit is due! You will be fully credited in the opening and ending credits of the game, and I would happily link to your website in readme's and etc. And I release my games at major homebrew sites, such as and DCEmulation; so you'll get some exposure too.
If you're interested, tell me and I'll divulge more information as to the character roster/what they wear/etc.
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